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The Different Types Of Learning Management Systems


Online training has become the norm these days. This type of learning has especially become more popular because of the pandemic. And the main tool to get this completed is the Learning Management System. These systems have become essential in delivering training material in a constructive and digital way.

The Learning Management Systems have been engineered to serve all kinds of establishments. These include schools, colleges, universities, government organizations, businesses of all kinds, etc. The LMS software allows for the effective planning of learning techniques and materials. It then aids in their implementation within the training process.

Businesses use this web-based technology to create their training programs for the professional development of their staff members as well as their clientele. And then use its tools to assess their performance and participation. With this system, all learning programs are delivered digitally, and the information regarding them is organized and kept in a single database for convenience and security.

Learning Management Systems: Its Types & Their Explanation

Below we have mentioned all the different types of the LMS E-learning Management System.

Self-Hosted Learning Management System

The Self-hosted type of LMS offers improved protection since it is meant to be purchased as licensed software and is downloaded on the user’s server. It also allows for better chances of personalization.

In addition, having this system can get expensive in the long run. This type allows users to get enhanced control of everything and maintain and update it themselves. Its code can be modified to fulfill any requirement. Users have to get the license renewed when needed and get updates done, which are usually not free.

Self-Hosted Learning Management System
Integrated Learning Management System

Integrated Learning Management System

The Integrated LMS has the modern feature of being able to integrate with other systems of the company. Users can work this system on their own but also use it in combination with other digital solutions.

It benefits the user since it gives better use and can be linked with other software of similar nature for an enhanced educational session to learners.

SaaS Learning Management System

SaaS stands for the term “ service as a software .”The SaaS Learning Management Systems are usually pre-made digital systems that users can utilize for themselves. This digital solution is typically cloud-based in nature.

This type offers scalability in the long run. Users can upgrade this regularly to meet their organization’s standards. However, the SaaS system does not offer the option of regular customization and modification.

SaaS Learning Management System
Cloud-Based Learning Management System

Cloud-Based Learning Management System

This type of earning management system is not hosted on the user’s server but on the cloud instead. It is usually offered by a vendor to the users. This type is quite convenient to use since any changes or updates are usually done and entirely taken care of by the seller and not the user.

Since this type of LMS is cloud-based, its accessibility is simple and easy. The user requires an internet connection and the username and password to get access to the software regardless of their location.
Within the cloud-based LMS system, there is a lot to choose from. They come in various price ranges, different built-in features, etc. You can get whatever works for your budget and needs.

Open-Source Learning Management System

This type of learning management system needs a team of experts to upgrade and maintain. This is because you will have to not just install it but modify it over time. There are not any licensing charges associated with this system.

However, choosing this type of LMS software can get a bit pricey to maintain since there are server costs as well as costs for professional assistance regarding maintenance. It is a flexible system since it is customizable, allowing you to better fulfill the demands in the field of learning and training.


Open-Source Learning Management System


The LMS system has been designed to computerize every part of the learning process for providing worthwhile outcomes to users. It has single-handedly modernized the learning and training process. This system fosters excellent collaboration between the trainees, allows improved scalability, and can work alongside a plethora of other tools to provide the best use. We hope our blog helps you to understand the LMS software and its types so you have an easy time selecting the right one for your organization.

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