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Start-Up Service Package

Your One-Stop Solution To Access Limitless Tools To Get Your Business Going!

You can get hold of the ideal Start-Up Service Package to push start your business, speed up its growth and watch it succeed using our premium products.

Don't Worry, Focus
Make Your Business Competitive With Cordis Startup Package

Our Start-Up Service Package Ensures That Your Enterprise Adheres To All Quality Guidelines & Fulfills Every One Of Your Business Requirements In No Time!

Digital Creative Services

Let us help you position yourself ahead of all competition and experience unlimited security & aid you in putting your story out there for an enhanced image.

This Digital Creative Service will let you get


Ready to take your business to the next level? We’re here to help you elevate your brand and make it stand out in the crowd with ideal branding services.

Logo, Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelope, Folder, Mug & more
Graphics Design

We offer visually appealing full scale design and publishing services to make your business competitive and improve your marketing image with our graphic designing services.

Flyer, Brochure, Company Profile, Annual Report, Standee, Billboards, & more
Digital Presence

We have the services to make you visible, accessible & engaging in the digital world. Establish your company’s online presence with us to increase customer engagement & sales.

Website, Blogs, Social Media Campaign, Social Media Posts, Email Newsletter & more

Website & Hosting

Your Enterprise’s website is your key to expanding your reach and becoming known; which is why we offer you our high-quality website & hosting services paired with the best technical support!

Web & Hosting Service include

Free SSL Certificate
Free .com Domain Registration
2 GB SSD Storage
WordPress Website
Email Accounts
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Optimization
Website Maintenance
Business Shared/Team Mail

Business Email System

Our Business Email System remains unmatched as a modern solution when it comes to smoothening communications both inside and outside the organization to make sure everyone is in the loop.

Email Management System will provide you following Features

Email Tracking
Email Template
Shared Inbox
Mail Access Control
Ticketing System
Email Campaign
Dynamic Forms
Cloud Based

IP Telephony System

Our One-of-a-king IP Telephony System enhances your enterprise’s mobility and adds to its scalability by drastically reducing operational costs and offering robust calling, video conferencing, and more.

It Comes with the following Features

Contact Management
Lead Management
Email Client Integration
SMS Automation
Call Monitoring
Real-Time Data Collection
Alerts & Notification
Telemarketing Management

QR Invoice Software

An advanced QR Invoice System that gives you the freedom to generate, and archive, QR invoices while making sure that your business is fully compliant and in line with the new invoicing regulations.

Invoice System Features include

QR Code on Tax Invoices
Anti Tampering
Integration with ZATCA System
Advance Reporting
Generate Invoices in XML
Handling Taxes
Relevant VAT Details
Generates Electronic Invoice
Customer Resource- MS logo

CRM Management System

No matter what the nature of your business is, we give you a CRM Solution that expands your reach to diverse audiences, and aids you in dealing effectively with them to retain customers, and boost sales drastically!

CRM software are providing the following Features

Billing & Invoicing
Customer Support
Document Storage
Appointment Management
Internal Chat Integration
Activity Tracking
Calendar/Reminder System
Order Management

Accounting Management System

Our Accounting Management System takes care of all the hard work by automating crucial tasks such as invoicing, tracking expenses, revenue, etc to give you accuracy like no other.

Cloud based accounting software Features include

Cash Flow Management
Journal Entries
Reporting and KPIs
Account Payable
Cloud-Based Accounting
Audit Trail
Accounts Receivable
Access Controls/ Permissions

E-Commerce Management System

The high-tech E-commerce Management System enables you to design a smarter business model and simplifies all processes to enhance your efficiency and allow you to perfect product and service quality for multiplied sales!

Best ecommerce solution Features include

Central Database
Order Management
Returns Management
Third-Party Integration
Marketing Tool
Reporting & Analytics
Inventory Management
Email Marketing
Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management System

Our premium Inventory Management System gives you access to unrivaled tools to optimize inventory space, track product levels, maintain product quality and keep tabs on all sales made with a single click!

Inventory Management Software Features include

Holding Stock
Inventory Report
Problem Identification
Purchasing Orders
Multi-Location Inventory
Inventory Audits (Control)
JIT (Just in Time Inventory)
Order Management
Human Resource-MS-Logo

Human Resources Management System

The high-tech HRM Solution gives seamless 24/7 access to every piece of data within an easy-to-navigate system, enhances staff retention, expedites onboarding, and attracts the best talent for better efficiency.

HRM Software Features include

Recruitment Management
Learning Management
Core HR Operations
Administrative Benefits
Compensation Management
Performance Management
HR Compliance
Payroll Management
Procurement Management System

Procurement Management System

Eases every step of the procurement procedures and saves your business millions by adding speed and accuracy to the process of acquiring goods, selecting suppliers, handling supplier data, and more!

Procurement software Features include

Supplier Management
Automated Sourcing
Streamline Payment
Real-Time Dashboard
Automated Requisition
Asset Tracking
Automated Scheduling
Sales Management System

Sales Management System

The excellent Sales Management System eliminates manual data entry work, boosts the collaboration within your team, offers real-time reports on all sales made, and offers error-free forecasts via handling an extensive database.

Sales Software Features include

Lead Management
Sales Order Management
Contact Management
Sales Analytics
Data Security
Real-Time Dashboard
Deals & Tasks
Marketing Channel Management
Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System

Our user-friendly Attendance Management System gives you the chance to go fully paperless, optimizes routing workflow, and gives access to accurate data on attendance and employees for a cost-effective solution!

Attendance Management Solution Features include

Attendance Management
Self Service Portal
Real-Time Reporting
Employee Scheduling
Time Tracking
Leave Management
Calendar Management
Overtime Calculation
Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

The top-notch Visitor Management System eases laborious tasks, enhances visibility into visitor data, boosts security, tracks activities, and allows blacklisting capabilities for safety to save you money in the long run!

Visitor software Features include

Managing Visitors
Alerts & Notifications
Check-In & Check-Out
Automated Registration
Providing Insights
Third-Party Applications
Cloud Based
Document Management

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