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Saudi Aramco Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate Assistance

Assuring The Smooth Availability Of Cybersecurity Compliance For Your Organization

Cordis Technology, supporting third parties on adhering to the strict regulations of SACS-002. More than 5000 suppliers work with Saudi Aramco, making it count under a list of world’s top companies providing security compliance certification.

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Ensuring Accuracy With Aramco Certification Procedures

Let Your Organization Get A Secure And Authentic Compliance Certificate From Aramco CCC While Meeting All The Explicit Standards Of SACS-002

A trustworthy cybersecurity compliance Assistance

Give Your Website An Enlightenment Of Security, Originality, And Reliability With Aramco’s Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate Protecting Against Modern-Day Cyberthreats

Insight Into SACS-002 Standard

Understanding Saudi Aramco’s SACS Compliance Standards

The SACS-002 is the standard implied to attain the Saudi Aramco compliance certificate for third parties. It poses the strict SACS requirements that an organization must follow to receive their compliance certification.

Aramco CCC

The purpose of Aramco CCC?

Aramco CCC aims to ensure every third party gets the certification from the legit audit firm to meet the SACS-002 standards within your organization. Third parties need to comply with the requirements mentioned by the acquired firm to obtain their certificates.

Aramco’s SACS
Aramco Certification

Understanding the standard requirements for Aramco certification

It simplifies the standards that a third party needs to fulfill. The SACS explains Third Party Controls (TPC’s) to ensure better implementation of cybersecurity while providing a set of 24 common and 87 specified requirements to consolidate NIST 800-53’s significant categories.

Obtaining a Cybersecurity compliance certificate

Acknowledge Cordis Technology’s Summarized Explanation On SACS-002 Strict Requirements To Earn Saudi Aramco’s Compliance Certification Today

Acquiring a cybersecurity certificate for any firm depends upon assorted factors. Essentially, it would help if you recognize your organization’s security status to fulfill the standards of SACS-002 and before taking any advice from us. The number of necessities for obtaining an Aramco certificate consists of 24 generic and 87 distinct requirements. For further details on requirements, bellow classification applies.

Compliance Certificate
Network Connectivity

A third party opting for Aramco certification would be provided with network access to get the intranet services by Saudi Aramco and perform essential work. It has to be mentioned that the connection access provided is via sublease or any explicit VPN. In the case of private links, it is SSL VPN, and if it is over the internet, then site-to-site VPN.

Outsourced infrastructure

On behalf of Aramco cybersecurity, third parties must organize, sustain, and reinforce an outsourced infrastructure.

Critical Data processor

Saudi Aramco’s crucial data is being handled, sifted, and developed by a third party.

Customized Software

Third-party is responsible for managing an application, a website, or customized software.

How we process?

The Definite Procedures We Follow

Identify, Protect, and respond are the three security compliance categorizations defined by the NIST Cybersecurity framework and a part of SACS-002. Apply for your cybersecurity certificate then, while being completely satisfied that you have met all the standards.

02 - Protect

  • Access Control


  • Maintenance Technology


  • Information Procedures


  • Data Protection


01 - Identify

  • Business Environment


  • Supply Chain Risk Management

    Supply Chain Risk

  • Process Supervision


03 - Respond

  • Risk Assessment Implementation

    Risk Assessment

  • Analyze And Communicate

    Analyze And

  • Mitigate Challenges


Cordis Technology Assists
How Cordis Technology Assists its clients?

Our Expert Team Will Help You Cope With The Critical Procedure Of Saudi Aramco To Earn The Compliance Certificate For Your Organization

Cordis Technology is assisting its clients with a straightforward yet precise procedure to meet the standards of SACS-002. Simultaneously, we are working on reaching the milestone of getting the compliance certificate for your firm.

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Fill this form ASAP to get in touch with us, and let’s work together to meet the SACS-002 standards and get Aramco certified today.

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Correlated standards

Aramco Cybersecurity Has Set Forward Strict Standards For Third Parties In Order To Get Through The Phase Of Achieving A Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate

Explaining that, we’ve mentioned below some other organizations with correlated standard requirements.


It is a standard set forward to ensure the superior implementation of security compliance among third parties and minimize the risk of cyber threats on Aramco cybersecurity.

NIST 800-53

It is a non-statutory agency that complies with set of standards to maximize enterprise performance and overall security compliance.

ISO/IEC 27001

The international standard works on protecting and preserving sensitive information in light of privacy, rectitude, and accessibility.

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