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Cordis Technology: Setting The Retail Standards


It doesn’t matter what kind of retailer you are, the thing that matters is ‘have you adapted a POS system?’. A System that can turn your retail business around by stipulating an all-in-one solution to a crowd of everyday issues. Retailers experience some common problems on a regular basis like unmatched tallies inventory, unrecorded sales, human errors and the time that is wasted on correcting them. But with the help of POS software, you can overcome all the problems, accurately collect and record data and permit you to continually improve your business functioning.

What Is A POS System?

Point-of-sale system software is basically your high-powered cash register that is designed to centralize your retail business operations. The retailer can manage transactions, make smart data-driven decisions, automate all his uninteresting manual tasks and data collection.

What is a POS System?

Importance Of POS Software For Retailers To Work With Standard

The POS management system has now become an integrated part of the entire retail business ecosystem. In this blog, we try to enlighten a few ways how the POS system is changing and how your retail business can jump into innovative POS technologies.

Mobile POS

1. Mobile POS

With mobile POS, payments can be done via credit cards from anywhere with an internet connection giving customers flexibility over how they pay. A credit card reader is attached to a smartphone having a mobile app, while mobile wallet providers allow customers to pay directly from their phones or through scanning barcodes on screens.

2. Shared Commerce

Shared commerce POS system saves plenty of time by automating the processes. It syncs with an eCommerce app and tracks online & offline transactions. In spite of managing payment systems and inventories, all the information is provided in a centralized dashboard. It allows quick and easy access to customers’ insights and data without hassle.


Shared Commerce

3. POS & CRM

The integration of POS software with CRM solutions helps to increase sales and enhance revenue. Its features ensure the collection of customer’s data from transactions like name, address, emails, membership detail, and order history. The information is then distributed to different departments to improve customer experience and also inform about the loyal customers.

4. IoT & Security

The interconnectivity of internet and POS management software make it possible to connect CRM, inventory management and payment methods all in one place. Your system is protected by strong passwords and restrict unauthorized internet access. Your system provider has security and compliance in a place as a service level agreement.

IoT & Security
Better Forecasting

5. Better Forecasting

This solution provides an opportunity to look into various aspects like how your store is doing. How much profit did you earn last week? What do you need to get long-term success? All data analysis-based answers are provided by our POS system that helps you better forecast sales and effective marketing strategy.

6. Staff Empowerment

POS software are now equipped with mobile apps which are user-friendly with responsive design, allow your staff to interact with customers and help them on the sales floor having a tablet or mobile at hand. This provides easy access to the customer demands, enhances confidence for new staff and improves employee experience.

Staff Empowerment
Improved inventory management

7. Improved Inventory Management

A modern POS management system comes with an inventory management system that keeps the track of your inventory. You can manage products with thousands of SKUs easily. You can have check-in on multiple store locations from a single location. It also provides real-time insights on pricing consistency in multiple stores and reduces employee theft.

How Cordis Technology POS Software Uplift Retail Working Standards

Cordis Technology introduces a high-tech POS system that has expanded from a sales portal to a comprehensive payment processing system that easily integrates with other beneficial tools. Here we will discuss how our software helps in uplifting retail working standards:

Big Data For Small Business

1. Big Data For Small Business

Now Small businesses also have access to powerful data, inventory analysis, profit margin optimization and staff management with the help of our software.

2. New Sales & Payment Channels

Our modern software will offer you new sales, payment channels options like eCommerce & ewallet and let you adapt cashless payment.

New Sales & Payment Channels
Increased Customer Loyalty With CRM

3. Increased Customer Loyalty With CRM

You can motivate and reward your customers with loyalty programs to keep them engaged with you as they are your higher sales potential.

4. Real-Time Data & Reports

Our system is capable of providing real-time data for fast & smart business decisions and store your information, which in turn boost your sales.

Real-time data & reports
Run Business With Cloud-Based POS

5. Run Business With Cloud-Based POS

A cloud-based POS software stores data on the internet means, easily accessible anytime and anywhere. It’s very beneficial for small business owners.

Our modern POS system offers you the best tools and intelligent technology with easy setup to optimize your sales this year. It will let you run your business more successfully, take better decisions and adapt to change more efficiently.

Are you thinking about skyrocketing your retail business working standards? Feel free to contact us!

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