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Equipment Rental Automation
Equipment Rental Automation

Transform paperwork to the latest automation technology of Equipment Rental

VCA is helping the equipment rental business digitize everything from inventory management and contract making to accounting and maintenance. Identifying availability of items for potential clients and offering reservations, quotes with various payment options.

Major perks Cordis brings for its clients in Equipment Rental Industry:
Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased Customer

Cost Saving Operations

Cost Saving

Maximizing Efficiency


Online Reservations & Payments

Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and Promotion

Organizing Schedules


Transparency in business

Transparency in business

Managing invoices and documents

Managing invoices and documents

Unearth The Competitive Advantages Of Automation System In The Equipment Rental Business With Cordis Technology

VCA has a centralized inventory and data storage system that tracks, advertises, and offers online booking of available items. Furthermore, it keeps records of every transaction, rental history, and bookings for better planning and demand forecast.

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