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Cordis Trust Center

Protecting the privacy of your business information with significant and effective digital techniques

We, Cordis, always work to protect the privacy of clients’ businesses by imposing the most controlled access and security system. The Cordis always apprise you about the importance of raising issues relating to online security and developing your trust in implementing innovative applications.


Protecting your business system from data destruction or crash with the program developed for unauthorised user detection

Security Operations

When it comes to cyber security, we have designed mechanisms to address the challenges. Cordis Technology provides actionable insights to reduce vulnerabilities and enhance efficiencies by tackling everything from cyber attacks to identifying security risks and keeping the digital evidence of all visits and responses generated.

Data Protection

We work with a bundle of services that analyze data by sensitivity, prepare backup for unexpected data loss along with a cloud-based threat management system. In case any threat is identified, we deliver a fast recovery option from any selected environment such as virtual, physical, or cloud.

Platform And Network Security

We bring a real-time threat awareness program, providing access control for users to the network, especially the sensitive sections. It is more vital for us that our customers understand the importance and necessity of being equipped with the best network security possible for their businesses.

Updated Security Reports

We give you insight into a product-specific or security-related vulnerability before it is exploited, meanwhile working behind to protect you against the threat without weakening the product. Once the threat is evaluated, the bugs marked as security issues are made visible.


Privacy Protection Goes Beyond Usual Features And Services; Therefore We Prepare Systems With Privacy Cloaking Technique For Premium Protection

We know the concern of our clients about their sensitive data privacy and information that can be published online. Still, Cordis Technology has been providing the most refined digital solution for your digital protection. We develop applications for secure, reliable, and seamless transactions for the entire business process. An all-in-one solution for the privacy protection of organizations in any industry.

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