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Our Social Concern

We work with strategies to bring a great impact on people around the world

We always try to take such initiative that brings a worthy change in the world. We introduced strategies to tackle inequalities and human rights issues and avoid things that disrupt the company and community environment.


Climate change disrupts the environment; that’s why we are taking a front role to implement initiatives that positively impact our environment and society. In partnership with the private and public sectors, we take explicit steps to achieve our goals which make our environment pollution-free. We are focusing on adapting practical approaches to make the atmosphere clean.


At Cordis we uphold a thorough study of human rights assessment to make it sure that the data that we have collected sound factually perfect so that the authorities could have formulate decisive strategies in order to strengthen the human rights. While conducting our assessment we strictly follow the guidelines provided by UN and other reputed bodies.


Together with other organizations, we are involved in transforming innovations and strategies that show our role in world development. We organized seminars, publish studies and serve people to empower them with skills and basic life necessities. We are trying to achieve our goals of changing the world together with our clients because success will be possible with each other support.


Cordis, as a leading automation industry, always promotes diversity, equality fairness when dealing with people. We always support equity for our team members because we know before delivering the promise of openness and impartiality to our clients, we must practice the approaches through which we want to create a different world.

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