Our Story

embracing technology as the new change

We strive to make the world a better place with our technology, Value Creation Automation (VCA).
Cordis Technology has obtained a new perspective of seeing and defining value, value for businesses and customers.
We are determined to change the way businesses function through advanced automation. Our aim is to automate,
strengthen and optimize organizational infrastructure for superior management and greater market access.

Value Creation Automation holds the key to continuous improvement and business scalability,
creating the future of businesses through advanced automation.

Our strategy

Giving businesses the power of advanced automation

Our strategy stems from value creation and a holistic digital transformation which gives businesses the power to
leverage opportunities and scale. We approach business challenges differently, aiming to eliminate problems
from the core and optimize business capabilities. We focus on building a conducive business environment
which supports a culture of innovation and continuous growth.

Our Technology

Innovate, connect & evolve

Staying true to a shared vision of making the world more conducive to growth and development,
we are giving businesses a complete technological solution, Value Creation Automation (VCA) and Pushcord.

Our technology reflects the multi-dimensional approach, we have taken to revolutionize
the business environment and consumer market. VCA technology enables streamlining of organizational processes
along with unimaginable scalability whereas Pushcord brings together all human connection networks for maximized engagement.

  • Business Functioning


    Our strategy is simple, we deploy VCA throughout entire process frameworks, starting from initial customer enquiry to product/service delivery, giving businesses a streamlined technology-fueled solution and an in-depth digital control. Our automation platform is easily and rapidly deployable and evolves to your understanding and way of business functioning.

  • Infrastructure


    Our technology, VCA, holds the key to business growth by enhancing organizational infrastructure for superior functioning. VCA incorporates value enhancement techniques throughout the core of any business infrastructure, to maximize production, delivery and notable increase in ROI. Our solution is designed to give business leaders control and a value-oriented technological mechanism which fosters continuous process improvement.

  • New Market


    Now get connected to your existing and prospective customers; and tap into new markets. Be able to listen and respond quickly to their needs, making your business more accessible to people and letting them reach you from wherever they are. Cordis solution, PushCord, gives you the power to market yourself better and become the next brand.



Assists organizations from different verticals and sizes to innovate by automating their operations and processes using IT tools.

Insurance Automation

Value Creation Automation collaborates, streamlines and automates entire insurance process workflows to enhance operational efficiency, lower costs and enable insurance firms to scale rapidly.

Retail Automation
Retail Automation

Our solution addresses challenges faced by retailers to enable them to streamline core operations, focus on continuous improvement and position themselves as leaders in the industry.

Publishing Automation
Publishing Automation

VCA solution aims to reinvent the traditional publishing industry by enhancing productivity through end-to-end automated process workflows where error-prone tasks are identified and eliminated in real-time.

Manufacturing Automation
Manufacturing Automation

VCA streamlines processes with the automated integration of Lean Six Sigma principles and practices, enabling manufacturers to boost efficiency and lower operational costs significantly.

Logistics and Supply Chain Automation

Value Creation Automation gives supply chain companies the power to deliver more value at a lesser cost through end-to-end automation of supply chain processes.

Banking Automation
Banking Automation

Value Creation Automation integrates and automates financial operations on disparate platforms and addresses day-to-day challenges faced by banking and financial institutions.



Cordis Technology promises you one-to-one correspondence so you understand what you buy and get exactly what you are promised.


We provide money back guarantee for every aspect of automation we build till you are satisfied with our work. Our aim is to serve our clients right.


We provide continuous support to evolve your processes and reach newer levels of productivity, gaining new advantages and shares in the market.


VCA Technology requires less training and brings rapid learning to employees and customers, setting you for growth and extensive brand presence.

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