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Restraint the chaos and make your breweries run smoothly with Restaurant management POS.

Having complete control over your pubs and breweries, making every customer experience unforgettable through Restaurant management POS.

Usage of Restaurant management POS for the breweries and pubs.

Get yourself ready to explore the impeccable BMP processing to help elevate your team collaboration, mutual learning to develop and skyrocket your growth!

Stock Management

Through Restaurant management POS, restock your beverages stock by setting the re-order level alert whenever you run low on the stock.

Secure and verify the information of the credit/debit cards on the tab of the bars, and grabbing your drinks easily and quickly. Also limits the fraud system, and reduces the cost of unpaid tabs at end of day.
Pricing Module
Set fierce competitive rates of your drinks and boost the sales by attracting more customers.
Mobile Point of sale
Guests don’t like staying at one position, so move your receipts from paper to text to email, and suggest percentage of tip to customers, with mobile point of sale system.
Benefit your beverage industry using Restaurant management POS.

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