VCA Risk Management

Identify, evaluate and eliminate risks in real-time to keep your business away from potential pitfalls with VCA risk management

With VCA, Risk management processes are entirely automated and controlled through a single unified system. Managers can now see process or finance-related risks in real-time through visual gauges. This enables instant eradication of risks and delays, leading towards enhanced quality and lower costs.

Insurance Automation

Preventive And Corrective System

Probability of risk occurrence is identified throughout processes along with systematic investigation of problems. All risks are gauged via centralized risk automation system.

Insurance Automation

Risk Identification

VCA system identifies risks in operations, management and delivery in real-time. All risks are evaluated, marked and defined to show the extent of their impact on processes.

Insurance Automation

Risk Aversion In Real-Time

All risks are thoroughly evaluated by VCA before a resolution course is devised and implemented for effective risk aversion in real-time. This improves immediate resolution.

Insurance Automation

Process Risk Management

A step-by-step risk management process is implemented to counter risks in all managerial and operational frameworks for maximum and effective risk aversion.

desktop desktop


You can use VCA Pushcord on your personal or work desktop computer with access to on-site or on-cloud server.

android android


Manage your transactions and receive real-time notifications from your customers and clients on all android devices.

ios ios


IOS users can now use Pushcord front platform through advanced ios-compatible features. Only for IOS 8 and above.

cloud cloud


VCA’s highly scalable architecture can be deployed on cloud for remote access and enhanced security.

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