VCA Cost Accounting

No complex hardware-software combination, no delay, no inaccuracy, VCA Cost accounting solution – designed for your business needs

Run entire accounting processes through a single dynamic platform that combines efficiency and advanced technology. VCA cost accounting module is designed to manage cost accounting procedures including cost management, automated classification and recording, invoice handling and more. Now your business can deliver with accuracy and speed.

Insurance Automation

Transaction/activity-based accounting

All accounting entries and processes and executed transaction-wise. Every transaction occurring between the between and external customers, vendors and suppliers are categorically stored.

Insurance Automation

Integrated journal entry

VCA manages the creation, reviewing and approval of journals in real-time. This system is integrated with all other business units for streamlined financial data flow.

Insurance Automation


This unique feature takes away the need for manual data entry and comes with the technical capability of handling internal as well as external bookkeeping processes.

Insurance Automation

Automated invoicing

Invoicing processing becomes fully automated with VCA. This feature enables you to capture, scan and track invoices in real-time without a hassle.

Insurance Automation

Automated cost allocation

Cost allocation and expense handling becomes simplified and manual-free. This feature allocates and distributes costs over various platforms to meet your business cost objectives.

Insurance Automation

Accrual and depreciation

The system applies accrual-based accounting principles for depreciation on individual assets, revenue and income accounts periodically.

Insurance Automation

Bad-Debt provisioning

Doubtful receivables, suspensions and collections are managed through the integrated accounting module for real-time streamlining and increased efficiency.

Insurance Automation

Real-time management

All accounts and bookkeeping information is available on designated screens in real-time. Users and accounting personnel can view updated information in real-time

desktop desktop


You can use VCA Pushcord on your personal or work desktop computer with access to on-site or on-cloud server.

android android


Manage your transactions and receive real-time notifications from your customers and clients on all android devices.

ios ios


IOS users can now use Pushcord front platform through advanced ios-compatible features. Only for IOS 8 and above.

cloud cloud


VCA’s highly scalable architecture can be deployed on cloud for remote access and enhanced security.

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