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Spark Creativity with Cord: Your Definitive Low-Code Solution for Revolutionary App Development

Cord’s user-friendly low-code platform empowers your business users. Simplify application development and foster innovation with ease. Harness Cord’s robust low-code solution to unlock swift growth and achieve remarkable success.

Low-Code Dev. Platform

Enable your business users with our user-friendly low-code platform for creating unified applications effortlessly

Pre-Built Templates And
Drag & Drop Functionality

Customizable User
Interface & Branding

Minimal Coding


Integration With Existing
Systems And Data Sources

Customizable To Meet
Business Needs



Easy Maintenance
And Updates

High Level
Of Security

And Reporting

Configurable User
Roles And Permissions

Streamline Decision-Making Procedures Using Our Advanced Rule Engine

Cord, an exceptional low-code platform, transforms software development through its intuitive interface and visual programming concepts. Cord expedites your existing development cycle significantly. Through the utilization of guided scripting and an easily navigable drag-and-drop system, you can rapidly generate applications and streamline your business workflows. Cord caters to various scales of enterprises, enabling efficient and swift application construction and business process automation.

Intelligent Rule Engine

Automate Decision-Making Processes With Our Intelligent Rule Engine

Complex Rule

Our sophisticated rule engine empowers users to design intricate rules that can be tailored to meet precise business demands.

Automated Rule

Automated, real-time rule processing enables swift decisions and quicker responses, optimizing efficiency and speed.

Rule Testing
And Validation

Testing rules prior to deployment ensures accuracy, averting errors and enhancing overall reliability in the process.

Scalability And

Sophisticated rule engines manage extensive data and intricate rules, and expand effortlessly to fulfill increasing business demands.

Accurate And
Fast Processing

Real-time decisions enhance swift data processing, ensuring efficient handling of information.

360 Collaborative Platform

Elevate Your Team's Cooperation Using Our Comprehensive 360 Collaboration Platform

Advanced Report Engine

Harness Actionable Insights Using Our State-of-the-Art Report Engine


Gathering data from diverse sources within CORD, including BPM, data forms, and transactional data storage, and integrating it into a cohesive data model.

Export Options For Sharing Reports

Enhance Report Sharing Flexibility by Offering Diverse Export Choices (PDF, Excel, CSV, and More) to Suit Recipients’ Desires.

Data Exploration

Enables users to analyze data through diverse tools like a personalized prompt designer, drill-down capabilities, pivot tables, and on-the-fly queries.

Report Scheduling And Delivery

Offers the ability to schedule automated report runs at designated times and deliver through email or alternate channels.

Unlimited Customization

Provides the opportunity to tailor reports according to unique business requirements, encompassing branding, language, and data fields customization.

Collaboration And Sharing

Facilitates the sharing of reports among users and their team, promoting collaborative efforts on the reports and allowing for the addition of comments.

Data Visualization

Provides a variety of visualization choices such as charts, graphs, and dashboards for effectively presenting data in a comprehensible manner.

Report Creation

Empowers users to generate and personalize reports through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, utilizing templates and formatting tools.

Security And Compliance

Provides Strong Security Capabilities for Ensuring the Protection of Sensitive Information and Adherence to Industry Regulations.

Unified Commerce

Build Your Unified Commerce Solution With CORD - The Ultimate Development Tool

Integration Of Multiple
Sales Channels

CORD has the capability to integrate various sales channels, including online stores, mobile apps, social media, marketplaces, and physical stores. This empowers businesses to oversee all their sales channels through a unified platform.

Analytics And

The tool offers sophisticated analytics and reporting functionalities that assist businesses in monitoring performance across all sales channels. This aids them in recognizing areas for enhancement and making well-informed decisions based on data.

Customer Data

CORD’s integrated commerce features can gather and centralize customer data from diverse sales channels. This empowers businesses to attain a comprehensive understanding of their customers and deliver tailored experiences.

Scalability And

CORD stands as the ideal platform, offering scalability and flexibility to adapt to evolving business requirements during expansion and entry into new markets. This proactive approach can spare businesses the expense of future re-platforming endeavors.

Order And Inventory

The application offers a centralized hub for overseeing orders and inventory throughout various sales channels. This aids businesses in preventing stock shortages, enhancing order fulfillment, and minimizing errors.

And Checkout

CORD offers a consolidated payment and checkout procedure spanning all sales channels. This contributes to businesses lowering cart abandonment rates and boosting conversion rates.

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