In this phase of technological transition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation technology are being seen as a force that will transform people, businesses and economies with a breakneck speed. However, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a vast subject to study and time is still to come when businesses will be able to reap maximum benefits out of it.

Technological innovations such as advanced automation solution have already started to reshape future of businesses rapidly. Gone are the days when presence of applications such as ERPs and CRMs made a difference.

Competition is continuously growing and customer behavior is changing unprecedentedly. In a situation when businesses face a challenge to deliver complete satisfaction and value to customers, ERPs or BPMs are no more able to eliminate inefficiency in processes. Therefore, in order to stand out in the crowd, they are forced to adopt advanced automation solutions like VCA. According to a report published by McKinsey Global Institute (2017), it is estimated that “productivity growth” from automation will globally rise from 0.8 % to 1.4 & per annum.

VCA The Digital Co-worker

VCA business solution can enable businesses in harnessing competitive gains and getting an instant access to a wider market. It incorporates advanced tools and methodologies, which assures that intelligent and programmed machines perform with increased accuracy and precision when compared to the human workforce.

VCA uses holistic evolvement approach for companies of all size. Right from drafting business idea to formulating process requirements and then further to delivering quality products and services to customers – VCA is designed to eliminate performance bottlenecks throughout entire business processes.

Companies Should Re-Consider Before Investing in ERPs or BPMs

Although applications such as ERPs or CRM are being largely used by various organizations, many of the business leaders are perpetually complaining about its inability to fulfill modern-day process requirements. And therefore, instead of making any further investment in ERP or CRM business solutions, companies should consider making one-time investment in advanced technological solutions such as Value Creation Automation (VCA).

Following are some of the many important features of VCA that makes it advanced and efficient in comparison to BPM, ERM or CRM business solutions.

Incorporate Advanced Tools & Methodologies

Incorporate Advanced Tools & Methodologies

ERPs, BPMs or CRM application systems are designed to play a limited role in managing company operations. VCA has an edge over all such business applications as it is designed incorporating advanced tools and methodologies that can lead to manifold increase in productivity and profit margin.

Lean production approach results in optimum resource utilization and supports companies in complete elimination of waste. Besides, VCA incorporates Six-Sigma tools that help businesses in completing tasks within the stipulated time, without compromising on quality. Moreover, it ensures that variations in products and services are brought to a minimum level. Six-Sigma tools and methodologies support organizations in successfully eliminating defects in processes. It further reduces dependency on humans, which means no errors and more accuracy in business tasks being performed to achieve organizational goal.

Another important element of VCA is that it is based on Software-as-a-Service business model, which again transcend capabilities of ERP and BPM solutions. Unlike, ERP or CRM, VCA using the SaaS business model supports businesses in reducing operational costs to a great extent. Using SaaS delivery model, VCA enables Directors and Managers in monitoring business operations even from a remote location.

Combines Power of Multiple Business Solutions

Another factor that makes VCA a complete technological solution is combined power of various business applications and solutions. For instance, VCA alone can perform functions of ERP, CRM, BPM or any other application system. It integrates departments and facilitates free flow of communication and information across platforms. It enables Directors, Managers and personnel in communicating with each other through diverse mediums such as email, voice, telephone calls, fax, SMS or chats – all at a single business platform. This aids to seamless business workflow.

Other than this, processes get streamlined with the incorporation of automation technology. Business scalability is enhanced through advanced automation technology and solutions like VCA, additionally, support in measuring diverse aspects such as actual cost incurred and profit realized.

Performing multiple marketing tasks become uncomplicated for businesses, having incorporated advanced automation technology. VCA has an inbuilt CRM that goes beyond maintaining company database. Business can instantly connect to customers globally and build a healthy relationship with them. It help companies in increasing customer retention and loyalty level.

Besides activities like building strategies for campaigns, sending out information on sale, discount or any other offer to customers, answering to customer queries, writing personalized messages addressing customers by their names and much more – all such activities can be automated through solutions such as VCA.

Supports Cognitive Thinking

VCA Supports Cognitive Thinking

ERPs or CRMs can be only of partial help to businesses, they are not a complete solution. Whereas, facts show that technology has reached such as a level, where programmed machines can even respond to a particular situation and make a call-to-action.

Incorporating similar functions, VCA is also designed to support cognitive thinking. It can automate activities such as making tacit judgment and decision-making in a situation which requires urgent attention. With cognitive capabilities, VCA empowers businesses with the problem-solving approach. To put it directly, VCA makes the business system capable of thinking and responding exactly as a trained user or humans.

VCA Directs Resources Towards Achieving Organizational Goals

In the present market scenario, accept it or not, businesses from diverse sectors and of all sizes – are gradually resorting to business automation solutions. ERPs or CRMs are neither flexible nor compatible to integrate and function in harmony with other processes. This is forcing business leaders to adapt to this transformation in technology, which can help businesses in growing exponentially.

VCA eliminates all non-value adding tasks and ensure none of the company resources are lying unused. It directs raw materials, the workforce and all other resources towards achieving common organizational goals. Designed to give complete control on both productional and operational activities, VCA supports companies in growing and evolving holistically.