Traditional ERP software has helped businesses in running diverse operations for a long time. From managing back office tasks to maintaining the customer database, companies implemented a set of software to enhance the efficiency of processes.

Although this helped businesses in managing tasks and performing diverse operational activities in more efficient manner, traditional ERP software also gradually led to increased operational costs. Moreover, the old ERP software also had their own limitations, which forced business leaders to implement advanced business software such as VCA, which is more complete, accurate and enables companies in enhancing processes with a robust approach.

Amidst innumerable business processes management (BPM) software available out there in the market, VCA incorporates business models and advanced technologies that make it unique in the crowd.

1.  VCA is a One-Stop Platform for Entire Business Solutions

VCA is a One-Stop Platform for Entire Business Solutions in Dubai

With VCA, businesses now don’t have to invest in a set of software for every different software. After an extensive research and hard work of experts at Cordis Technology, VCA has been developed with unified features of many traditional business software such as ERP, CRM, and BPM. And, thus, VCA becomes one-stop for diverse business needs.

May it be managing accounts, finance, assets, and payroll, or be it establishing a healthy business-customer relationship and understanding continuously changing end-user preferences to draft effective business strategies; VCA is designed to combine the human intelligence with advanced technology models, which helps companies in achieving organizational goals within allocated time and budget.

2.  VCA is an End-to-End Solution

VCA is an End-to-End solution. This is one of the most important factors of VCA that makes it advanced and efficient than other various business management software. Every single business task, right from ideation of the business idea, procurement of raw-materials, identifying problem areas, marketing, sales, promotions, HR, finance, inventory, supply chain and all others – VCA automates complete business processes.

3.  VCA Facilitates Integrated Business Management

Having automated every single business process, VCA integrates the data, information, reports, and statements along with entire tasks and activities at one single platform. This gives an enhanced visibility to business leaders and supports them in effective decision-making. Offering integrated business management, VCA enables Owners and Directors to have a better control of operational activities.

VCA’s Visual Dashboard Supports in Integrated Business Management

VCA’s Visual Dashboard Supports in Integrated Business Management

Businesses involve innumerable tasks and activities, which are spread all over. Moreover, it also gets difficult to track the progress of each task with traditional ERP software as many of them are not designed to integrate with other applications.

But on the contrary, VCA is designed to deploy various applications for diverse business process and to integrate each one of them through a visual dashboard. Owners and Directors can access the information for all management aspects, for instance, HR, sales, finance and all other through the visual dashboard, which offers a shared database.

The visual dashboard display details of every single transaction in the real-time, which keeps Owners and Directors updated with all business moves. This also boosts their decision-making ability, the visual dashboard gives them a clear picture of the business performance.

Enabled by technological models such as SaaS, the visual dashboard allows business leaders to scrutinize tasks and have instant access to entire business data even when on the go. The visual dashboard supports both mobile and desktop platform.

VCA’s visual dashboard is a 3-tier single controller screen, which gives defined authority to access the data and information to Directors, Managers and employees, as per their designated role. Directors can check tasks and budget details and Managers can assign tasks to his or her subordinates and get it acknowledged on the visual dashboard. They can even track the task’s progress without having to visit his team members in person. On the other hand, supporting both horizontal and vertical communication, VCA’s visual dashboard allows employees to get their queries resolves from upper-level management directly if required. Therefore, the visual dashboard of VCA plays a key role in eliminating all sorts of communication bottlenecks.

VCA Reduces Operational Costs

VCA ERP automates the complete business process in Dubai(UAE)

With traditional ERP software, rising operational costs gradually turned out to be a major concern for Owners and Directors. With its rigid structure, inability to integrate with already existing business applications, incompatibility with new processes and many others, traditional ERP software are not able to support modern businesses in gaining competitive advantages.

VCA, on the other hand, is designed uniquely. With an inbuilt development mechanism, it allows regular update of the system, which makes businesses fit for future performance. Moreover, with this flexible structure, VCA allows businesses to customize it to adapt to new process requirements.

Besides, VCA is a user-based BPM software that ensures more production and profitability in less time, effort and budget. Solutions such as VCA is the most affordable business process management software because it is a one-time investment that deploys advanced tools and methods, which helps companies in reducing overall operational costs by a great margin.

Based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business delivery model, VCA adds to the flexibility of running business operations. It ensures that tasks are completed within stipulated time and budget and variations in final products and services are minimized. Advanced and proven business models such as Six-Sigma and Lean Management also plays an essential role in helping companies reduce the working capital.

Following is some of the points, which makes VCA a cost-efficient BPM software.

a) Prevents From Installing a Mess of Hardware and Software – Enabled by SaaS, VCA just needs implementation and businesses can start working on it instantly. Unlike old ERP software, VCA is designed o prevent businesses from installing a mess of hardware and software. With advanced BPM software such as VCA, business operations are virtually run. It adds to the flexibility in performing diverse business tasks and activities.

b) Helps in Identifying & Eliminating Non-Value Adding Tasks – Old ERP software are designed to enhance the efficiency of a particular process. On the contrary, VCA allows Owners, Directors, and Managers in instantly identifying and eliminating the tasks that are adding no value to the business. This not only helps in optimum utilization of available company resources but also supports in establishing a smooth business workflow.

c) Eliminates Paper Work – Another important way that VCA saves the budget for business is the process of digitization. VCA converts every physical data into a digital data and saves it in the cloud. In this way, companies no more have to spend money on papers and neither do they need to maintain business transactions on paper and keep a pile of the file on the office desks. Moreover, SaaS-enabled cloud services, VCA has another set of benefits for businesses. They do not have to fear the loss of ay data pertaining to business. And most, importantly, the Cloud allows business leaders to access entire data and other relevant reports at any time and from anywhere, even through their mobile phone and tablets. This adds to the agility of business and helps in building a credibility among customers.

d) With Automation VCA Reduces Human Intervention – Modern business processes is all about the unrelenting workload on the companies human workforce, which leads not only to stress and frustration, but it makes companies pay a price for increasing errors and mistakes within processes. But as VCA automates the complete business process, it results in reducing human intervention, which further leads to significant reduction in companies error-rate. Tasks, which are same every day can be automated; every single business activity can be efficiently completed in one go and companies do not have to spend time, money and effort on performing same tasks for many times.

VCA incorporates a set of applications that simplify running business operations. Unlike old ERP software, with VCA, businesses no more need to invest in many different applications to manage business tasks and activities.

VCA Aids to Business Flexibility, Agility and Reliability

With all such advanced features, VCA makes out to be a cost-efficient software that is comparatively unique and advanced. Traditional ERP Softwares are considered to be an inflexible and an expensive method to enhance the efficiency of business processes.

On the contrary, VCA is designed to give complete flexibility and independence, which gives an enhanced user-experience to all stakeholders, within and outside the organization. This builds up confidence and boosts creditors and lenders to invest in businesses. Overall, VCA does more than making processes efficient. With a robust marketing, healthy customer-business relationship, timely completion of tasks within allocated time and budget, optimum resource utilization and many more, VCA ensures constant revenue generation and a sustained growth for businesses.

In an age, where customers are both tech-savvy and well-informed, VCA ensures enables businesses in building a flexible and reliable platform for customers across all media platforms.