The unprecedented transformation in technology has marked the birth of automation solutions that can make business processes efficient and can help in setting up a robust infrastructure.

At the same time, with the dawn of various business automation solutions, the demand for applications like ERP, CRM or BPM has sharply reduced. With serious concerns like cost-overrun and incompatibility with new processes, the one-time sanguine face of these business applications are getting dull.

One of the reports published by BP Trends informs that “There is hardly a rush to spend more on BPM.” The report further mentions that the importance of applications such as BPM and ERP has degraded. According to the report, most of the business leaders “report that the ERP software has forced them to perform tasks in ways that are incompatible with their preferred ways of working.”

These business applications hit the market with a bang, somewhere around the nineties, and had their days of glory, since then. But, with the birth of advanced business automation solutions such as VCA, applications like ERP or CRM seems to be at an whimpering stage.

VCA Can Help Companies in a Holistic Evolvement 


One of the world’s best automation solution Value Creation Automation or VCA is designed to offer an end-to-end business solution to the companies all over the world. It works like a digital co-worker, which can take urgent decisions and actions, in a particular situation, exactly as a trained employee.

It guides the Directors, Managers and rest of the company workforce during the production activities and empowers leaders to manage risks within time.

In this data-driven business environment, automation is the key to data security. Business automation solutions such as Value Creation Automation ensures business firms of complete data-security. Besides, it plays an essential role in preparing reports and making the data readily available to the business leaders, which can help them in taking effective decisions that can essentially add in achieving organizational goal.

With its advanced computing abilities and improved sensors, VCA is the new technological trend in business solutions. Its six-sigma & lean production approach along with the Software-as-a-Service business model, ensures optimum utilization of resources. It results in complete elimination of waste within processes and reduces the company’s error rate as well.

Automation solutions guides the human workforce and directs entire company resource towards achieving the organizational goal. It reduces the human dependence in processes and thus, saves the company workforce from performing tasks that involves high risks. Even more, busin

ess solutions like VCA also saves much time and therefore, allows them to be creative while performing the tasks assigned.

Hassle-free communication means flawless workflow. Having implemented the automation technology, the business organizations can enhance transparency both within and outside the organization.

Business solutions like VCA integrates all the communication channel and brings all of them together at one platform. Managers can assign tasks and the subordinates can get their queries solved in the real-time through emails, SMS, chats etc. Even more, employees need not approach to the HR team for every little query. Automated business platform gives them an easy and instant access to all the information related to their job profile, joining details, benefits and bonuses, leaves, appraisals, promotions etc.

Automation leads to a sharp reduction in the use of paper, by offering a completely digitized platform.

And, on the other hand, it also plays a key role in satisfying the customers or the end user outside in the market. With automated marketing both offline and online, companies can reach out to the customers globally. Reports suggest that approximately 3.49 billion people are active internet users (out of the Total Population – 7.395 billion) and 2.30 billion people out of them are active users of the various social media networks.

Just imagine the immense potential, automation can add to businesses. Not only this, automation solutions such as Value Creation Automation also enables in preparing the campaigns in advance and sculling the launch at a much later date; It helps in sending automated emails to the demographically divided customers, all in one click; messages can be customized and addressed to each individual customer. With this, the automation technology helps businesses in building a healthy customer-relationship.

ERPs or CRMs helped businesses but not holistically. It was about making a particular process efficient, that too in limited capacity. VCA is designed to help businesses evolve holistically. It helps in running business operations, guides through the production process and also automates the post production processes. In short, it automates business activities – right from ideation to delivery.

Automation can keep business leaders free from the worries of increasing cost of the business operations. Increased production, sound return-on-investment, create value and increased customer retention, enhanced conversion rate, consistent performance and sustained growth – automation solution such as VCA can bring prosperity to business organizations.

Business Leaders Can’t Afford to Ignore Automation Technology


With a steep rise in competition, most of the business leaders neither want to rely on ERPs, nor do they find it useful in the prevalent market condition. ERP, CRM or BPM has limitations – it can be used for only a defined process and cannot be integrated to work together with each other. Even more, investing in various applications for different processes can add to the company’s operational cost.

And, on the contrary, business solutions like Value Creation Automation is one-stop platform for all-sized businesses. It can streamline much of the activities and offer a seamless business workflow that can lead to maximum productivity in less time, effort and resources.

The transformation in technology has drastically changed both the market conditions and the customer’s behavior. Therefore, it becomes paramount for businesses to well understand – what do the customers expect from them? And, to do this, business leaders are resorting to automation solutions like VCA, which enables businesses in going beyond increasing the profit margin and maximizing productivity.

It creates value and can enable companies in delivering complete satisfaction to the customers, apart from delivering quality products and services on time. This helps them in winning customer’s confidence, which in turn result in increased loyalty and retention.