When there’s a change in the technology, which happens rapidly, it does impact the functioning of businesses. The Large Enterprises, however, are able to adapt to such unprecedented change, but the real problem lies for the Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which are always budget-constraint.

At the same time, the continuously increasing usage of smartphones & the Internet and the various social media websites have revolutionized the way customers approach the companies and order for the diverse products and services. And it is the time when even the SMEs should deploy advanced business software to cope with such perpetual changes.

But then – What is the problem? Are technological solutions not affordable for the SMEs?

Until, a few years back, this was true. The old-day On-Premises ERP software involves huge costs and was mostly used by the Large Enterprises. But, the advanced VCA business software makes technological solutions quite affordable for Small and Medium Enterprises as well.

In plain and simple words, Value Creation Automation (VCA) enables SMEs to perform robustly by reducing the operational costs, helping with optimum resource utilization and gaining the confidence of stakeholders towards the business. In short, this workflow management software is designed to support SMEs in successfully dealing with all sorts of the business challenges.

Why is VCA the best business software for Small & Medium Enterprises?

helping with optimum resource utilization and gaining the confidence of stakeholders

Reduces the Working Capital Requirement

As we are all aware of the fact that the Small and Large Enterprises are always budget-constraint. And in such a condition, it becomes imperative for the SMEs to reduce the operational costs significantly.

VCA is not only an affordable business software for SMEs, but it is also designed with disruptive technologies, which enables in saving the operational costs to a great extent. Unlike the On-Premises ERP software, VCA takes less time in installation and in getting configured. The services for the VCA business software application can be subscribed on the pay-per-use basis and no long-term contracts are required.

Besides, the SMEs don’t even have to bother about paying the license fees, building an in-house server or investing in the installation of hardware or software. With all these factors, VCA – which comes with 0% AMC, significantly supports the SMEs in carrying out the diverse business functions successfully and without much working capital required.

Supports Continuous Evolvement of the Business System

This is another feature that further supports in reducing operational costs and also in performing successfully in a volatile market condition, even in the long run. Unlike the traditional On-Premises ERP software, VCA consists of a flexible structure. It can be customized according to the new process requirement. And, saves the SMEs from investing in new applications and process requirements every now and then.

Based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology, the VCA business software application supports regular update & upgrade. This keeps the SMEs apt for carrying out the diverse business tasks successfully even in the future. Moreover, with an upgraded and updated system, VCA also enables employees to have a first-hand experience with the continuously changing technologies and trends.

Supports in Optimum Resource Utilization

Supports Continuous Evolvement of the Business System

This business software by Cordis Technology is designed to integrate the entire business performance into one single platform. It consists of a visual dashboard, which brings people, process and the other diverse business functioning at the fingertips of Owners, Directors and Managers.

And this is what makes VCA the best business software for the SMEs worldwide. Having integrated the entire business system into one single platform, the VCA workflow management software boosts transparency and enhances the visibility. The visual dashboard, which can be viewed instantly using even smartphones, enables Owners and Directors in controlling the diverse business operations even when they are away from the office.

Designed to record and report every single business transactions in the real-time, the visual dashboard supports in instant identification and elimination of tasks that add no value. Moreover, resources lying unutilized can also be instantly identified and directed towards optimum utilization.

Cloud Solutions Adds to the Business Flexibility 

With the customers becoming tech-savvy and active 24 x 7, it is time businesses should be working round the clock and remain available across the various media platforms. And, incorporating the cloud-computing technology, VCA supports companies in becoming agile and flexible.

It saves the entire business data, statements and all the other various reports in the cloud. This means that employees can easily perform the diverse business functions from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, Owners and Directors can have the entire data at their fingertips, which they can instantly manage, customize and retrieve whenever required. This enables SMEs to cater to the customers who are powered by smartphones, the Internet-of-Things and remains active across the various media platforms.

Enables in Understanding Customer Behavior & Preferences

Cloud Solutions Adds to the Business Flexibility

This is a technology-driven age, where the SMEs are required to be customer-centric. And for this, it is important to understand the continuously swaying mood of customers and perform accordingly. The VCA business software is designed to deliver value to customers.

It enables companies in maintaining a proper record of customers, their personal information, purchase history, transaction records and even their queries. All these factors support companies in better understanding the continuously changing preferences of customers. This supports companies in creating customer-centric products and services, resulting in a constant growth and success.

SMEs Can Successfully Deal with Modern-Day Business Challenges

The continuously evolving technologies test the stability of the SMEs. And with the VCA business software, the Small and Medium Enterprises can grow holistically and gain the competitive advantages even in the long run. They can successfully deal with the modern-day business challenges such as increased employee turnover, lack of budget, lack of customer support, lack of optimum resource utilization and many more.

VCA creates a more open and responsive platform for the SMEs. With a transparent platform, they cannot only manage and control the business operations successfully but can also gain the confidence of stakeholders such as customers, employees, suppliers, tax authorities as well as investors and creditors. All these factors together play an imperative role in the robust performance of the SMEs worldwide.