When it is about running a business, it becomes really difficult to track every single activity and information. To some extent, various traditional ERP software has been enabling companies in gaining some efficiency, since a long time, but there are too many elements that lack such business software as well.

SMEs and even large enterprises have been investing in various ERP software to enhance the efficiency of diverse business processes. But, at the same time, these traditional measures, meant to enhance process efficiency of business firms, leads to cost-overrun.

Going beyond limitations of traditional business software such as ERP, BPM, and CRM, advanced process automation software is cost-efficient and also significantly helps companies in reducing operational costs by a great margin.

One such advanced, which helps small to medium and large enterprises in enhancing process efficiency without any cost-overrun. With its unique design, VCA is user-friendly. Unlike traditional ERP software, with VCA, businesses don’t even need to install a mess of hardware and software to run business operations and perform other related activities.

With evolving technologies, traditional ERP software is being gradually replaced by advanced automation software, which is comparatively much affordable.

And so, it is time, when businesses should be looking for an advanced ERP software such as Value Creation Automation (VCA), which truly defines the term ‘affordable.’

What makes VCA affordable?

Affordable Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Software in Dubai

Basically, there are two perspectives that make Value Creation Automation (VCA) affordable.

1.  One-Time Investment

Traditional ERP software consists of a rigid structure. They are not designed to evolve with continuously innovating technologies. To update the already implemented system, would need further investment. And thereafter, business will have to spend more effort, time and money in training employees to perform with new processes.

Even more, traditional software such as ERP, CRM or BPM for that matter is meant to enhance the efficiency of just a particular process. And, companies are forced to invest in separate business applications, for instance, ERP to automate back-office task and CRM to manage the entire customer database.

But, things completely transformed with advanced process automation software such as Value Creation Automation.

VCA is a one-time investment, because of two following factors.

a) Inbuilt-Development Mechanism – Unlike traditional ERP software, VCA is designed to evolve with evolving technologies. In other words, designed with an inbuilt development mechanism, VCA allows the ongoing business technology to update with the latest technology at regular intervals. This keeps the business system up-to-date and businesses fit for all future performances. Therefore, with VCA, businesses do not have to invest the extra fund in updating the business system or in training employees to perform according to new process requirements. This gives a unique design to VCA, with which Owners and Directors can customize it according to new process requirements.

b) Integrated BPM Software – VCA is designed incorporating features of much traditional business software such ERP, BPM and CRM. It is an end-to-end solution, which is not applicable to just a process, but for entire business processes. Right from ideation of business, identifying and eliminating problem areas, understanding changing customer behavior and preferences, formulation and effective implementation of business strategies, procurement of raw materials, inventory, supply chain, logistics and to the delivery of finished products and services to customers – every single task is automated. Having adopted VCA BPM software, companies no more have to invest in different ERP software for every different business process.

2.  Designed to Reduce Operational Costs

advanced process automation software such as Value Creation Automation

Another important factor that makes advanced business process management software such as VCA, a cost-efficient and an affordable BPM software is that it is designed to reduce the working capital. VCA incorporate multiple features, which supports businesses in making optimum resource utilization and in reducing operational costs to a great extent.

a) Designed with Proven Business Models – VCA is designed to save companies operational costs in every possible way. It incorporates proficient business models such as Lean Management and Six-Sigma, which essentially helps in reducing the working capital of businesses. With these business models, VCA enables companies in ensuring optimum resource utilization. It helps in identifying and eliminating non-value adding tasks and activities. Offering complete visibility within processes, VCA makes sure that none of the resources are lying idle. And most importantly, with reduced human intervention, VCA helps companies in minimizing the error-rate.

b) Based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Delivery Model – When ERP software started offering Cloud services, it was a significant transformation for business. The Cloud saved entire data, information, reports, and statements pertaining to the business. It prevented companies from the fear of losing data and also supported in having instant access to data and information anytime and anywhere, even though mobile phones and tablets. Adding to another advanced layer of security and the flexibility to run business operations, VCA is based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, which is recognized to help companies in reducing operational costs. With SaaS, VCA ensures that business tasks are completed within the allocated time and budget and variation in final products and services are minimized.

c) Comes with a Visual Dashboard – the Visual dashboard is another tool that enables in keeping entire business integrated. A single screen offers complete details of every business transaction and allows instant access to data and information. Designed to serve at three different levels i.e Directors, Managers and employees, VCA plays a key role in running an organized business operations. Directors, Managers, and employees can have access to VCA at the same time, within the limit defined as per their levels. Directors can have a complete view of budget and business tasks being undertaken; Managers can distribute tasks addressing his subordinates by their names and can also track the task’s progress. On the other hand, employees can use VCA’s visual dashboard to get their queries resolved in the real-time. They can even communicate directly with the upper-level management, in case of any discrepancies. With all such elements, the visual dashboard makes business functioning transparent and also simplify the communication process.

d) Update Transaction Details in the Real-time – Another factor that makes VCA an affordable ERP software is its ability to record and report every single transaction in the real-time. This eliminates any sort of lagging in processes. For instance, VCA successfully records any particular financial transaction in the general ledger books and at the same time, it also updates Owners, Directors and other authorized finance executives, about the effects of the transaction. This prevents business from investing time, money and effort in performing tedious tasks such as compiling financial reports, auditing or tax compilation. Every data and information is ready for business leaders to refer to. This boosts the decision-making ability and also supports businesses in winning the confidence of employees, creditors, investors, suppliers and many more, as VCA show a clear picture of the business health to stakeholders.

VCA is Designed to Support in an Integrated Business Performance

VCA is Designed to Support in an Integrated Business Performance

VCA is a one-stop platform that is designed to deliver entire business solutions. Incorporating advanced business models, VCA combines technology with the human intelligence to help companies in achieving constant growth and development.

Gone are the days, when small business had to think before investing in things such as advertising, product promotion, customer relationship, sales and marketing and in so many other tasks and activities pertaining to the business. It is the time when advanced BPM software such as Value Creation Automation (VCA) is supporting businesses in exploring new growth dimensions at a breakneck speed. This is one platform that makes the best use of the disruptive automation technology.

With business management software such as VCA, even small businesses can reap complete benefits of technology.

  • Helps you connect with the customers and promote products and services through various social media networks.
  • Facilitates email marketing and helps in optimum utilization of other digital marketing platforms as well.
  • Accounting books are updated in real-time, financial reports are always ready and are on the fingers of business leaders and tedious tasks such as tax compilation and auditing becomes less time-consuming and uncomplicated.
  • Bringing together various advanced communication mediums such as voice mail, email, SMS, fax, telephone and many more at one place, VCA enhance transparency. And this simplified communication plays a key role in eliminating performance bottlenecks.

There is much more that businesses can gain by making a one-time investment in affordable advanced ERP software. It automates processes and integrates them to give enhanced control over entire business operations. BPM software such as VCA is designed to make optimum utilization of resources and achieve organizational goals within the stipulated time, effort and budget. This one business management helps in handling processes effectively, achieving organizational goals efficiently, developing a healthy business-customer relationship and also in getting a sound return-on-investment (ROI).