Are you tired of those pending files, never-ending paperwork and constant conflicts that leave you exhausted at the end of a day? Look back and observe, is your business running the way you want? Are your employees happy? But most important question of all, are your customers happy?

Running a business may be easy, but running a business profitably is not a possibility for everyone. Especially in today’ tough economic times, where customers rule, getting to break-even becomes a nightmare. Automation has been around for over a decade now, spreading over to all businesses and enterprises of all sizes. But is that the smart way to do business?

Sure, you can get some tasks completely handled by the automation system. You can even automate marketing processes, but think again, is this the best way to manage your business? ERPs, CRMs and BPMs all take care of certain processes and tasks, but can’t be integrated, remember.

Be Smart When Automating


You can spend a fortune on the latest ERP or CRM software, but the benefits won’t last. It’s just a matter of time before consumer requirements changes, process requirements change, and you’ll be left wondering how to update your ERP system. The cost of re-implementing a simple ERP can leave a huge hole in your wallet. Alongside the expenses, the time for updating and implementing such as solution can take anywhere between 12 to 18 months.

And what exactly does an ERP do? Does it automate every single process? Does it merge with your accounts? Does it use intelligence to detect risks in processes? The answer to all these questions is no.

What is Value Creation Automation?

If you want to run your business smartly, you need to be smart about choosing the right automation solution. Going without an automation solution is bound to be tragic, so that isn’t even an option. ERPs and CRMs all have their benefits, but work on separate platforms. What if we could combine both and make use of entire benefits without any con? That’s where Value Creation Automation takes the limelight.

You may be wondering, this VCA is just another solution put out there on the shelf, promising to do this and that. VCA is far beyond traditional automation solutions. This solution doesn’t specialize in one single function or process, rather, it works as an umbrella solution which tackles entire business processes from start-to-end.
Operations, finance and accounting, delivery, risk management and marketing are just a few of the many dimensions this compete solution entails.

Integrating Your Processes

CRMs handle processes related to customer service whereas ERPs handle other process requirements, but can these two merged completely? With Value Creation Automation, integration of entire business processes is a possibility. Operations, delivery, management and all other units are merged under one technological framework. Your accounts are updated with any change in delivery or customer payment, your operations will automatically show change in resource utilization, all in real-time.

This means, you no longer have to manually transfer data from one unit or department to another. Your employees don’t have to worry about updating databases for each unit. Value Creation Automation combines entire data and categorically saves in onto a single server, allowing controlled access and retrieval.

Digitizing Paper-Based Processes

Optimum Utilization of Resources

Paper is used in plenty of business processes. From taking down simple notes to collecting employee data, paper-based processes can be found existent in organizations all over. But how has this benefited us? Alongside contributing to the depletion of forests, we are creating more chaos at our workplaces by using paper.

Value Creation Automation reduces the need of paper, or in fact, eliminates the need of paper by replacing it with a digitized database and document management system. Every single paper and file is transformed into a digital format, allowing it to be saved on a cloud server. This means there is no risk of taking up physical space. You also don’t have to worry about the costs that comes with purchasing papers and files. To store or retrieve any file, all you have to do is “click”.

Optimum Utilization of Resources

Do you know how many man hours go as waste on a daily basis? Do you know how effectively or how well each of your resources are being utilized? Can you measure such success?

Value Creation Automation gives you complete insight on resource utilization. But this is just one side of the coin. With VCA, all resources are placed on tasks for maximum output generation, without compromising on quality or costs. All your employees are given tasks according to their position in the process cycle. No employee is overburdened and no employee is underutilized.

Calculating Costs in Real-Time

Costs and finances are the backbone of any organization no matter the industry. If you want your business to succeed, you need to manage your finances carefully. Transparency is a must when measuring financial processes and their outcome.
Every resource has a price and a cost if gone as waste or underutilized. Value Creation Automation is the only program that has the technological capability to measure costs of every resource in real-time. All accounting books are digitized and stored for real-time updates. Managers, executives and finance personnel can view the financial health status of the firm on their screens at the click of a button.

This means you have complete transparency of financial processes and can trace every transaction, cost, budget and expense to its origin. The risks of financial meltdowns and discrepancies are eliminated altogether.

Building a Shared Vision

Building a Shared Vision with VCA

Your employees are not just pieces of the puzzle, rather, they play a crucial role in determining the success of your business. Many businesses ignore the fact that employee satisfaction can make or break them. Automation solutions may be despised by many and considered as a threat. But the truth is, automation technology, if used properly, can enable growth and give employees or workers the opportunity to build their skills and enhance career opportunities.

Value Creation Automation can be you next step to improving employee satisfaction ratio and getting everyone on board to new heights of success. VCA opens doors to greater opportunities and can lead to a vision that promotes growth.

Value Creation Automation is building the new future of businesses everywhere. Management through technology has never been this simple. Join hands with automation technology and experience new growth.