Present market conditions and business scenarios are driven by rapid technology advancements. The business world today stands at a juncture, where technology is gradually overpowering humans, and machines are being programmed to perform tasks more accurately. Activities which has for long been performed by humans are being automated and businesses face various challenges while catering to global customers.

These conditions are creating doldrums for business leaders. And as a solution, companies across the world, have gradually started to adapt to transforming technologies, which can help them in growing beyond recognition.

Traditional approaches to business functioning are not much applicable in this age of technology, where changes are precipitate. Even business applications such as ERP, BPM or CRM have reached their zenith and the graph is prepared to show a declining stage. Reasons for declining demands of ERPs or CRMs are many but continuously developing disruptive technologies takes much of the credit.

Incorporating advanced methodologies VCA

To meet diverse demands of technology-enabled customers and to remain competitive throughout, companies need an end-to-end automation solution such as VCA. Advanced automation solutions can shape future of business organizations worldwide and can help them evolve gradually. According to a recent report published by Market Insider, it is expected that by 2023, process automation market will grow at CAGR of 33.8 % and will be valued at approximately $6247.1 million.

Incorporating advanced methodologies, VCA support business firms in developing and growing on all fronts. Designed with holistic development approach, Value Creation Automation (VCA) enables organizations to gain complete business control, optimum resource utilization, maximum productivity and helps in securing a huge profit margin.

Therefore, it is time when business leaders should be exploring potentials of VCA, which is worth the investment as it can support businesses in reaping numerous benefits of automation technology. It is a time-saving business solution that focuses on consistent business performance and scalability in long run.

Let’s discuss diverse nuances of VCA, which makes it highly superior to old-day ERP, BPM or CRM business solutions.

Automates Every Aspect of Business Management

Unlike ERPs and CRMs, advanced automation solutions are designed to automate every aspect of management. Solutions such as VCA support in making functionalities such as HR, finance, inventory, supply chain, customer relationship and much more, flexible and efficient. Use of paper is eliminated as complete business platform is digitized.

Activities such as generating invoices, receiving and making payments, auditing, recruitment, preparing payroll every month-end and much more – each of them are automated. This is why, advanced automation technologies are called time-saving business solution, which allows employees to showcase their creativity in every task they perform.

Complete Control on Production and Operation

Consisting of innumerable activities, running business operations can really be confusing as well as complex. And in such a circumstance, VCA’s visual control kit can prove to be of significant help. It is a single screen, designed with 3-tier business system. Visual dashboard of VCA support Directors, Managers and personnel in real-time communication and analysis of facts.

Resources can be monitored and successfully directed towards achieving organizational goals. Visual dashboard records every single business transaction and makes details readily available to Directors and Managers. Moreover, it also facilitates employees in raising their queries through advanced mediums such as email, voice calls, SMS, chats etc. – all available on one single platform. This help in instant identification and elimination of performance bottlenecks.

Being capable of understanding business analytics and intelligence helps Directors and Managers in measuring performance from in real time. With this business leaders can formulate and implement strategies effectively. Business automation solutions such as VCA enables in evaluating and mitigating risks both inside and outside the organization. Putting ERP and CRM solutions aside, companies are now relying much on advanced automation solutions to investigate, identify and solve critical business problems. With advanced analytic tools, it becomes uncomplicated to measure total costs incurred and profits realized.

Incorporate Incremental Business Approach

Incorporate Incremental Business Approach

Technologically advanced automation solutions have innumerable positive impacts on business firms. Similarly, VCA is also designed to make processes efficient and effective. Incorporating advanced business methodologies, VCA framework works on an incremental approach. And thus, it creates value at every single stage.

Incorporating proven business methodologies such as Six-Sigma and Lean production, VCA is far more complete and efficient than solutions such as ERPs and CRMs. Six-Sigma model enables in complete scrutinization of quality of products and services being produced. Completing tasks within allocated time and budget; keeping variations to a minimum level – such things are possible with Six-Sigma. One of the main features that enable VCA in minimizing companies’ costs of operation is the ability to eliminate defects and reduce the error rate. On other hand, Lean production approach plays a vital role in ensuring optimum resource utilization and eliminating waste from processes.

 VCA Goes Beyond Traditional Definition of Business Success

 ERP, BPM or CRM solution, for instance, is designed to support in a specific process and in managing activities to some extent. But solutions such as ERPs are not designed to help much in increasing productivity level and maximizing profit margin.

On other hand, advanced automation technologies such as Value Creation Automation (VCA) focuses on achieving maximum productivity-output with minimum variation and zero waste. Moreover, with incorporating efficient business methodologies, VCA enable organizations in understanding changing customer preferences and in gaining a healthy return-on-investment (ROI).

Accept it or not, but advanced business solutions such as VCA is a pragmatic approach to success in the prevailing market framework, where competition is growing at a breakneck speed. Productivity and profitability parameters are not enough, businesses rather should set new goals that would constitute of performance, time, quality, delivery, communication, query resolution and many such other aspects. In short, advanced automation solutions generate value that leads to increased customer loyalty, enhanced retention rate and consistent revenue.