Growing your business is vital if you plan to stay long in the industry. The theory of the “survival of the fittest” applies to business organizations as much as does to human beings. As the environment is constantly changing and evolving, businesses which meet expected consumer demands are likely to afloat. However, growth is not as easy as it may seem.

Planning business growth is rather simple. But executing and managing the complexities of a growing business is definitely not a catwalk. Growth equals to high uncertainty, high risks and high complexities…which if not managed correctly can lead to chaos and downfall.


To make business growth somewhat manageable, automation should be considered as a viable solution. But let’s face the truth, most automation solutions are expensive and difficult to implement. Many small or medium-sized enterprise owners cannot afford to go for automation solutions.

But this isn’t the end to all automation possibilities. Cordis Technology, a prestigious automation solutions provider is giving small businesses the chance to grow with their unique state-of-the-art system named “Value Creation Automation”. This automation solution vows to face all challenges faced by a growing business and enable owners to ease into success.

Take a look at how Value creation Automation can help resolve common pitfalls of growth:

Financial management

Having good cash flows and a strong grip on finances is necessary if you want to see your business move ahead. Most growing companies lose track of cash flows and end up in severe liquidity problems. VCA is designed to help businesses make the most out of every dollar invested. The system combines all activities with a dynamic accounting system. Any transaction taking place within or outside the organization is automatically recorded and updated into relevant accounting books. This means business owners will always have an updated view of financial statements and books.


As a company grows, the need for more people arises. But what is more important is finding the right person to fit the job. Typically, the lack of time for finding the right people to work for you just isn’t enough, means business owners have to settle for whatever may be conveniently available. VCA diminishes the hassle of recruitment through systematized hiring and training procedures. Before any candidate is screened, a near-to-perfect job description is designed which facilitates HR managers in the process. VCA also enables real-time employee performance tracking.

Increasing processes

If the demand for your products or services is rapidly growing, its tie to automate. Yes, automation is the key to managing the growing demand without failing. Many growing businesses fail due to the inability to meet rapidly growing demand. The number of process cycles increase, the need for capital increases, the need for staff increases. All this equals to more complexity and a higher need of management. However, with VCA, rote tasks become automated. This means the need for human intervention in many phases of the business no longer exists. Not only does this help you save money, but also reduces the probability of error and waste.


These are just a few of the ways through which Value Creation Automation can help you manage a fast-growing business. So before the chaos begins, prepare your business for growth with Value Creation Automation. Get in touch with Cordis Technology.