Advanced analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are creating a watershed in the history of businesses worldwide. With advanced computing capabilities, it has become uncomplicated to manage and train larger business models. Moreover, these evolving technologies boost performance and support businesses in growing at a breakneck speed.

With changing market scenario, businesses are driven by continuously changing customer demands, which includes quality of products and services as well as value. Therefore, they need an advanced automation solution such as VCA, which enables businesses in understanding changing customer preferences and performing activities that define true value.

Value Creation Automation is the new wave in automation solutions. It strengthens processes and supports businesses in getting real insights, which facilitate Directors and Managers in effective decision-making. Implementing advanced automation, the business system becomes robust and responsive. It supports organizations in performing various tasks with accuracy and within allocated time.

According to a research report published by McKinsey Global Institute, “Automation also has the potential to enhance productivity, raise throughput, improve predictions, outcomes, accuracy, and optimisation.”

Advanced solutions such as VCA is designed to enable business leaders in understanding and handling diverse aspects of running successful operations. Empowering with the ability to analyze risks in advance and to perform beyond human capabilities, advanced business solutions such as VCA has forced ERP, CRM or BPM applications system to succumb.

Value Creation Automation or VCA is designed with advanced features and proven business models that make it cost-efficient. Let’s see why VCA has an edge over other business solutions available in market.

Apt for New Business Models

VCA designed for specific business processes

Inability to integrate with other applications has always been a problem area for automation solutions such as ERP, CRM or BPM. But VCA is uniquely designed. It enables in improving core operations and also supports in successful adaptation to new business models. ERPs and CRMs have a rigid structure. They are designed for specific business processes and hence they are not compatible.

But Value Creation Automation (VCA) is designed with an inbuilt-developed mechanism, which allows the automated business system to upgrade at regular intervals. In other words, with VCA businesses can always remain technologically updated. Therefore, VCA framework makes businesses apt for new processes and help in robust performance even in long run.

Improved Access to Data & Analytics

It won’t be wrong to say that this is a data-driven world. And therefore, it becomes imperative to have an instant access to data, whenever required. With VCA solution, businesses get improved and real-time access to entire company data. It comes with a visual dashboard, which successfully records every single transaction of the company and furnishes details for the same. It enables in calculating, analyzing and measuring risks in advance and also suggest ways to mitigate any such pressure.

On other hand, providing improved analytical skills, VCA enable business firms in getting factual company insights that can support in making effective decision-making, based on evidence. VCA facilitates efficient management of data and analytics that can result in constant growth.

Seamless Performance of Business Tasks

Seamless Performance of Business Tasks

VCA shares much of the workload of employees by deploying automated measures. Automated business platform also results in significant reduction in the use of papers. No mess of files and no fear of any data loss. Advanced automation solutions such as VCA helps in seamless performance of entire business tasks.

Businesses can automate diverse functionalities. Departments such as HR, Finance, Customer Relations, along with many other business factions are automated. And, VCA’s visual dashboard facilitates entire business operations.

Employees can have improved access to information pertinent to their profile, appraisals, bonus, benefits and other policies. On other hand, VCA also makes tedious tasks such as taxing, auditing, preparing financial reports and many other, uncomplicated.

Directors and Managers can monitor entire business activities even from a remote location. Resources can be effectively mobilized and tasks adding no value can instantly be removed from processes.

Sharing of information and communication through advanced mediums such as voice calls, telephone calls, fax, SMS, chats, emails etc. becomes possible at one single platform. This helps in instant elimination of bottlenecks, which in turn leads to the achievement of organizational goals within stipulated time and budget.

Business Approaches that Saves Operational Costs

VCA uses IT-based methodologies and it successfully automates entire business activities. Process are streamlined, which further results in a seamless business workflow. On other hand, Top-Down and Bottom-Up business methodologies are other approaches of VCA that make business processes efficient and helps in saving operational costs.

With these advanced business approaches, VCA supports right from setting business goals to identifying and rectifying problem areas in order to achieve set goals. Resulting in a reduction of defects and errors, VCA plays a key role in cutting companies operational costs. Incorporating Six-Sigma and Lean production, VCA business solution ensures timely completion of entire business tasks with optimum resource utilization and zero waste.

VCA – Complete Solution to All New Forms of Competition

VCA - Complete Solution to All New Forms of Competition

Continuous transformations in technology have led to multiple innovations in businesses and at the same time, it has given birth to new forms of competition as well. Advanced automation solution is much more robust and efficient than ERPs, CRMs or BPMs. Designed with proven technological models, solutions such as VCA help business firms in achieving an unparalleled performance.

With enabling in keeping production variations at a minimum level, delivering goods and services on right time and creating value at every particular business stage, VCA supports companies in gaining competitive advantages. Unlike ERP, CRM or any other old-day business solutions, VCA has a flexible structure which not only function in the way business leaders prefers but also quickly adapts to new process requirements.

VCA has the potential to change business landscape through improved technical and mechanical abilities. It introduces an age where programmed machines perform much of the tasks that have long been performed by humans. It ensures consistent performance and sustained growth with a holistic approach.