The fear or robots replacing the human workforce has gained momentum in the recent decade. The topic still remains controversial and is a hot topic of debate. But the true picture of machines Vs Men is not as scary as many would imagine. It would be wrong to deny the usefulness of technology and automation in businesses nowadays. Automation has gone a long way in helping businesses improve and grow. Many experts have undergone research to conclude the effects of automation technology in industries with results depicting a rather positive picture of automation and its impact on business process efficiency.


The rise of business process automation has boosted competition in markets all over. Many technology firms are struggling to develop solutions which cater to the ever-changing needs of businesses. Value creation Automation (VCA), a solution designed by Cordis Technology, is currently capturing market prospects with its state-of-the-art product.

Value Creation Automation aims to “facilitate” businesses and does not intend to replace the human workforce. “Helping businesses produce better, faster and within budget”…the approach of VCA couldn’t be more simplified.

Highlights of Value Creation Automation

Streamlined Processes

Devising a logical step of processes is a difficult step. Often companies experience bottlenecks and delays caused by mis coordination of processes. The breakdown of one process affects the entire of chain of processes which ultimately leads to delay of production. Value Creation Automation streamlines entire processes of a business for smooth functioning. Any problem arising at task level is immediately highlighted via automatic alert system, preventing the risk of disruption.

Automated Communication Management

Communication is integral for any business no matter the size. Without a clear chalked out communication plan, chaos a bound to occur. Value Creation Automation combines a robust communication system with all departments of the organization. The communication channels are integrated with hardware and software devices to ensure transparency and precision. Managers can communicate with workers directly without having to go through length chain of commands. The shorter the communication route, the less are the chances of the message being disrupted. Alongside internal communication, VCA collaborates external communication channels with vendors, stakeholders and customers.


Automated Time and Cost Management

Companies lose millions of dollars annually due to poor management of time.Time being an irrecoverable resource must be utilized efficiently. One important aspect to consider here is the correlation between time and cost. The more time spent on a task will lead to an increase in cost and vice versa. Business are unable to maintain a balance between both factors which are crucial to success. Value Creation Automation aims to bring a fine balance between time and cost. All activities are allotted a specific time-frame and budget for completion. VCA monitors all activities and alerts managers about delay in real-time, enabling the provision of sufficient time for risk resolution.

Automated Risk Management

Risks are inevitable, whether it be personal life or business. However, the costs of risks in businesses may be much higher. Value Creation Automation gives businesses the ability to detect risks in real-time. Unlike other automation solutions, the process of risk management is conducted continuously throughout all levels of processes. Managers do not have to worry about constantly checking process flows for any risk of defect or delay. The system will automatically implement continuous risk management matrixes and trigger a response system if a risk is to occur.

Automated Continuous Improvement through Statistical Process Tools (SPC)

Continuous improvement can be defined as the process of identifying incremental changes in process structure for improvement. In manual-intensive organizations, the process of continuous improvement is done manually at regular intervals which is expensive as well as time-consuming. Value Creation Automation implements automated Statistical Process Tools such as Control Charts throughout all task and process levels. Managers have a real-time view of activity progress on their designated screens. This helps to identify variations and identify processes which are not meeting desired targets.


The above mentioned features are just the tip of the ice berg. VCA integrates a wide range of management areas including Six Sigma and Lean into a structured technological framework. Businesses can eliminate wastage of resources, minimize costs and boost production to the full capacity by implementing this unique automation solution. You can find out more about VCA’s features here at Cordis Technology LLC.