This is a data driven world, where cutting-edge technologies, in combination with Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and social media, is transforming the way businesses connect with customers and perform various functions. Tech-savvy customers demand value, apart from quality of goods and services. And therefore, it is time when businesses need to think more than increasing productivity level and maximizing profitability.

Advanced automation solutions transcend limitations of old-day business applications such as ERP, CRM and BPM. Value Creation Automation (VCA) is one such technology solution, which enables businesses in delivering complete satisfaction along with a high degree of personalization. These factors are paramount when it is about securing customer loyalty and enhanced retention rate.

On other hand, technological advances, such as cognitive abilities of VCA, enables programmed machines to function exactly as a trained user. With this, advanced automation solutions introduce a time when human intelligence is paired with business system having high computing abilities. It helps organizations in performing efficiently and growing exponentially.

Analyzing the power of automation, a US based Institute for the Future reports, “Human-machine teams will combine the lightning-fast speed and accuracy of AI algorithms with instinctive human skills such as intuition, judgment and emotional intelligence.”

Advance automation solutions such as VCA has the ability to make businesses fit for future. Unlike ERP, CRM or BPM application systems, VCA can be customized to function in the way business leaders prefer. It adapts to new process requirements and keeps entire business functioning free from complexities.

Industrial age is gradually surrendering to advanced automation age. Processes are being automated and businesses are now less dependent on the human workforce. Many tasks which have for long been performed by humans are now being handled by programmed machines and automated business system. Let’s discuss in detail, how solutions such as Value Creation Automation (VCA) enables businesses in creating value that can gain competitive advantages throughout.

VCA is One-Stop Business Solution

VCA is One-Stop Business Solution

VCA unifies features of many old-day business solutions such as ERP, CRM or BPM. Managing customer relationship, optimizing processes, handling back-office tasks or enabling organizations in free-flow of information – VCA combines all such functions.

It successfully automates various functionalities such as HR, finance, logistics, supply chain and many more and thus, make entire business system flexible. With solutions such as VCA, businesses can set up a seamless business workflow as processes are automated and streamlined to support in efficient business performance.

Unlike ERP and CRM solutions, VCA supports right from the beginning. Right from generation of business idea to producing quality products and services and then to delivery, VCA is meant to support at every different stage of businesses.

Designed to combine human intelligence with advanced technology enabled business models, advanced automation supports in analyzing and mitigating risks internally and externally. Moreover, in order to get calculations right, VCA business solution enables businesses in evaluating market condition and understanding perpetually changing behavior of customers. This helps in formulating strategies and implementing plans effectively, in order to satisfy customer preferences.

What Makes VCA a Unique Business Solution?

VCA a Unique Business Solution

Value Creation Automation or VCA incorporates technologically advanced features that make it unique and gives it an edge over other old-day business solutions such as ERP, BPM or CRM.

Visual Control Kit

VCA is designed with a Visual Control Kit, which gives an intuitive control over entire business operations. Visual dashboard makes entire business activities visible to Directors, Managers and other employees. It is designed on a 3-tier system and allows them instant access to data according to their designated role. It facilitates both horizontal and vertical business communication model. Therefore, employees can post their queries and get them resolved in real-time. Managers, on other hand, can assign tasks to his or her subordinates, who in return can acknowledge it in real-time. VCA’s single controller screen also enables Directors in monitoring entire company resources and directing them towards achieving common organizational goals.

Inbuilt Development Mechanism

ERP, CRM or BPM solutions consist of a rigid structure and hence they are not compatible with technological advances. On the contrary, solutions such as VCA consists of an inbuilt development mechanism that enables business in updating the system with new developments in technology without disrupting tasks progress. It makes functioning of businesses flexible and adapts quickly to new process requirements.

Holistic Evolvement

VCA supports businesses in evolving holistically

VCA is an end-to-end business solution. It automates entire management aspects with advanced business methodologies that together make processes efficient. Based on a robust business approach, VCA supports businesses in evolving holistically.

From procurement of raw materials to maintaining inventory and from handling production activities to successful marketing – VCA successfully identifies and eliminates entire problems in processes.

Incorporating advanced methodologies such as Six-Sigma and Lean production, VCA enables business organizations in optimum resource utilization by eliminating wastes from processes. Another factor that makes VCA a cost-cutting solution is its ability to reduce rate of error. Advanced automation keeps defects and errors to a minimum level, which helps in completing business tasks within stipulated time and budget. Moreover, it also enhances accuracy, while completing business tasks.

It’s Time for Humans to Welcome Their Digital Co-Worker

Advanced automation takes organizations beyond mechanical efficiency. Moreover, definition of success is not limited to just maximizing profitability and productivity. Solutions such as Value Creation automation help business firms in growing with a holistic approach. Organizations can explore enormous growth opportunities with advanced automation solutions. Besides, it also brings innumerable benefits for employees, by supporting them in learning new and advanced skills required to perform efficiently with their digital co-workers.

Improving business scalability, solutions such as Value Creation Automation (VCA) facilitates a sustained growth. It enables companies in securing a healthy return-on-investment (ROI) and creating value at both ends – I.e. businesses and customers. VCA supports consistent production of quality products and services, which enable businesses in retaining their customers. It further leads to constant revenue generation and turns businesses into a brand in long run.