Consistent revenue generation has always been the main goal for businesses. But with continuous advancement in technology and rising competition, only securing profitability and increasing productivity will not suffice. In order to gain sustained development and inclusive growth, businesses are left with no other option but to adapt with and embrace advanced automation solutions such as VCA.

Value Creation Automation (VCA) is an end-to-end business solution. And, not like ERP or CRM business solutions, which can be only applied to certain business processes.

It supports business in achieving optimum productivity level and hence, securing a healthy return-on-investment (ROI). But going beyond, VCA support business firms in catering to diverse demands of modern customers. It generates value and delivers complete customer satisfaction, which in turn makes them loyal and improves company’s customer retention rate.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced automation solutions such as VCA have gradually started to mark a paradigm shift in structure of businesses. Automation of activities is leading to streamlined processes and smooth business workflow.

Value Creation Automation (VCA) is an end-to-end business solution

With advanced automation solutions enabling companies in exploring multiple growth dimensions, old-day ERP, BPM or CRM solutions are gradually losing value. In a business market scenario, where customers are well informed and know which brand to choose, ERP or CRM application systems are not capable to support business functioning anymore. Demand for business solutions such as ERP or CRM is receding because of the inability to cope with changing business processes.

Incorporating advanced business tools, VCA enables business organizations in evaluating market condition, analyzing factors that drive demand, changing customer preferences and much more. This helps Directors and Managers in formulating plans and strategies that can directly fulfill customer demands.

Major business tasks are automated and business leaders get more time to make effective decisions, with data readily available in real-time. Solutions such as Value Creation Automation has been designed with a visual dashboard, which successfully records every single business transaction. And, Directors, Managers and other employees, according to their respective levels, can check details for the same in real-time.

To make it clearer, VCA’s visual control kit works on a 3-tier system that designed to cater to Directors, Managers and other company personnel at 3 separate levels. Real-time flow of information and communication encourages healthy workflow and accountability within business processes.

With data and information readily available at fingertips, Directors and Managers become able to analyze risks and eliminate before it actually occurs. Moreover, they can also measure investment made and profit realized against that.

VCA is about making business functioning flexible

VCA is about making business functioning flexible by automating various functionalities. Right from managing HR, finance, inventory departments to guiding through complete business operations – VCA automates every task. Employees can check entire details on payments, job profiles, appraisals, benefits, bonuses and much more, on automated platform. With solutions like VCA, creating financial reports, auditing, managing inventory and supply chain, tracking products and services delivery to customers and many other such activities can be performed without inefficiencies.

Subjects such as cognitive thinking, until few years back, was limited to sci-fi movies but with AI and advanced automation technology, it has come to be true now. Designed to implement cognitive capability, VCA business solution enables programmed machines and tools to respond exactly as a trained employee. With this solving customer queries instantly, become uncomplicated. And, this is one of the factors, that can turn a visitor into a prospective buyer.

Unlike, ERPs and CRMs, VCA consists of an inbuilt development mechanism, which increases business scalability and aspects to continuously evolve. At this juncture, businesses must adapt to advanced solutions such as VCA, which can promise a long-term growth throughout.