For decades the supply chain industry has been tackling distribution challenges. As the pace of business activity in Dubai has quadrupled, the pressure on keeping adequate supply to meet demands has increased. Technology has more ways than one helped businesses revolutionize logistics and inventory management, but still falls short on meeting requirements.

Automation has created a handful of opportunities to create efficiency in supply and logistics. Businesses in manufacturing, mostly large have adopted technological means to manage their supply chain processes. But unfortunately, most smaller sized manufacturing firms lack the funds or resources to implement such high-end technology and end up with smaller scale supply chain software programs. Such programs may offer plentiful features to manage most, if not all, of the logistics workflow, but still rely heavily on manual input. Another point I would like to mention here is that off-the-shelf supply chain solutions are non-customizable, rigid and prevent smaller firms form tapping into their true potential.

Value Creation Automation Platform for Supply Chain

Value Creation Automation Platform for Supply Chain in Dubai(UAE)

But the world market is witnessing a number of new entrants who vow to give smaller businesses the opportunity to grow through smart, AI-powered automation solutions. Value Creation Automation VCA is among the top solutions which is geared towards reinventing conventional supply chain and logistics workflows.

Value Creation Automation is a unified technological framework which acts as a platform for streamlining of processes. In rather simple words, VCA gives businesses controls, tools and a single platform upon which entire management functions can be triggered. So, imagine having a screen which shows entire supply chain workflows, progress levels, complete and non-complete tasks, costs of each tasks, delivery and so much more. All you have to do is select and click on various tasks to acquire details, send out information and so more.

How VCA Helps Supply Chain Businesses

A supply chain and inventory workflow comprise of numerous tasks and interconnected processes, and a single minute breakdown of any one process can lead to a total shutdown. Imagine your troubles getting worse if you are unable to identify the problem within the workflow. Manually, handling such a complex workflow is next to impossible, and with inappropriate technology, it only gets worse.

VCA comes with a range of automated features and tools which make supply chain processes streamlined and optimized. Let’s take a look:


1.  Automated inventory management

VCA combines AI technology and automation for one of the core processes of supply chain, inventory management. You can track and manage inventory with little manual effort. Entire tasks including barcoding, asset management, stocked goods management, price forecasting and resource management are overseen by VCA.

2.  Logistics management automation

VCA combines AI technology and automation for one of the core processes of supply chain, inventory management

The system integrates entire tasks for the coordination of transportation channels, delivery performance, and more. You can view all areas of logistics on your screen and evaluate task progress, storage utilization and optimization, labelling and more.

3.  Smart forecasting

One of the key features of VCA Supply chain solution of forecasting. This unique tool gathers information in real-time to present an accurate forecast for demand and supply. The system can generate planning and procurement reports, and provide a through insight on the upcoming demand levels.

4.  Automated Order management

Many supply chain managers are left to deal with manual tracking of orders and purchases. With VCA, this entire process is automated. The system keeps track of purchase orders, tracks and schedules orders, and can also create product configurations according to requirements.

5.  Automated return management

VCA uses high-end technology to gauge and measure quality levels of goods. Any good which falls below defined quality parameters is immediately identified and removed from the batch. This means you don’t need to manually inspect goods or risk faulty deliveries. VCA can then create reports for returns and process refunds within deadlines.

6.  Automated supplier relationship management

VCA creates a database containing prospective and current suppliers and vendors. All information is analyzed by the system to determine most convenient and cost-effective supplier. This tool can help in building strong and healthy relationships with external parties across various domains.

7.  Integrated and real-time communication

Communication channels are integrated to create a simple yet effective stream of information flow. Workers, employees, internal and external stakeholders can easily connect with one another in real-time without having to go through a lengthy chain of command. This communication is conducted over VCA platform, increasing speed, accuracy and transparency.

But just learning about features won’t help you understand the potential benefits of VCA supply chain software. At the end of the day, you want to see material benefits and how such a software program can enable your business to reach its full potential. Listed below are a few main benefits you are ore than likely to realize upon the usage of VCA:

Lower costs

Costs play a major role in any business domain. Sadly, many companies are unaware of the costs related to poor management, resource wastage and inefficiencies. With VCA, supply chain processes become streamlined and leaner, eliminating any room for waste. This means your costs will decline dramatically, transforming your supply chain processes into an efficient and cost-effective workflow.

Increased collaboration

VCA makes collaboration smooth, streamlined and automated in Supply chain automation

Collaboration is necessary when it comes to managing supply chain processes which are spread across diverse platforms. Manually, this can be a daunting task. But VCA makes collaboration smooth, streamlined and automated.

Increased productivity

With entire supply chain processes optimized and streamlined, production and delivery become faster and free-of-errors. You will encounter almost zero delays, no bottlenecks and enhanced delivery performance.

Supplier/vendor relationship

With VCA, evaluating the relationship between your company and external vendors/suppliers becomes easier. You can gain a better understanding of which suppliers rank the highest, what their key value services are, what pricing strategy they adopt and more.

Lower risk

Risk management is integrated within the technological framework of VCA. The system can identify potential outfalls and risk throughout the supply chain processes. This helps companies avoid risks which can be costly and detrimental.

If you want a system which can take care of your supply chain processes entirely and also help your business grow, VCA can be the right pick. If budget is your concern, VCA comes with a range of subscription plans and payment modules. You don’t have to worry about hardware installation or heavy capital costs as the system can be opted on a cloud-based program. So, what are you waiting for, give VCA a try, visit