Human resource is all about having the right people with the right abilities in the right place at the right time. All organizations rely heavily on the HR department to recruit the right people which prove beneficial for them. Over the years, the spectrum of human resource has expanded and now includes a multitude of roles ranging from recruiting employees to engaging in periodic performance evaluation.

Technology has emerged as a key aspect of the Human Resource function in recent times. Many companies have turned towards Value Creation Automation to enhance overall performance and speed their way to greater efficiency.Some argue that HR functions cannot or should not be automated. To an extent this is understandable as certain Human Resource functions are based on critical judgement and negotiations. However, it makes sense to automate information-intensive tasks falling in this sphere. So far automation has proven to save an organization time as well as money.


The market is flooded with numerous automation tools which are revolutionizing the broad field of Human Resource Management. But “Value Creation Automation”, a growing rival in the automation industry is building a superior edge with its unique functioning that covers entire HR practices.

Without going into the technicalities, take a look at what main HR processes can be automated with this Value Creation Automation:

Employee Recruiting Process

Recruiting a new employee is one of the main functions of HR professionals. Recruitment, if gone wrong, can cost a company a lot more than just money. Research has shown that poor recruitment practices will leave a negative impact on the company brand in the long run.

The search-for-candidates process can be tedious and tiring. Value Creation Automation enables HR managers to effectively carry out hiring with minimal hassle. The system posts vacant positions on multiple portals to attract suitable candidates. The job description is first designed using input from the system along with the HR manager’s expertise. Value Creation Automation then goes on to collecting, sifting and filtering suitable candidates before sending a final list of potential candidates to the HR.

The automation of the recruitment process allows HR managers to focus on more critical tasks such as evaluating and interviewing candidates. So far, automating the recruiting process has been justified thanks to Value Creation Automation.


Training is essential for many new employees joining an organization. It is necessary for newcomers to acquire familiarity with the organizational culture and understand their job role with regards to the company goals. Value Creation Automation aims to simplify employee training programs. Using information from previously filled job roles, the system generates custom training content for employee use. This content can be updated and modified if needed.

Employee Retention

Retaining talent has become tougher than ever. Organizations often fail to understand the true cost of a high employee turnover. Some of the reasons why employees leave their job includes low morale, no motivation and unsatisfactory performance appraisals. The HR department is usually overburdened with tasks and cannot manually over see every worker’s performance in real-time. Value Creation Automation can help HR managers keep track of performance of all members in the organization with ease. All information regarding work and attendance of every employee is automatically recorded and maintained in databases, allowing managers to view the progress levels of workers in real-time.

Information Management

Manually updating information of every employee in a database can be extremely time-consuming. Value Creation Automation takes away the need for manual information input. All employee profiles are created and maintained individually through a systematized automated manner. HR managers can retrieve data regarding any employee’s attendance, payroll, work performance and goals with a single click of a button.

Automated Application Processing

From managing heaps of leave requests to sifting through hourly reports of workers, HR managers are usually burdened with tasks that take a chunk out of their valuable time. Value Creation Automation dissolves the need for manual application processing and automatically collects, filters and manages run-of-the-mill tasks. Not only does this save time, but also increases efficiency and minimizes the risk of errors.


What Value Does HR Automation Give to Your Business?

Clear from the above mentioned points, Value Creation Automation can help businesses boost HR efficiency by enabling the best practices. To be more precise, the automation solution will:

  • Improve efficiency by minimizing human input
  • Reduce costs associated with employee turnover and mismanagement
  • Increase flexibility of task execution
  • Provide more accurate job description
  • Give managers more use of real-time data
  • Recruit the right people for the right job

Businesses no longer have to worry about high costs of poor HR practices and can look forward to utilizing time in the best way possible. Don’t forget, Human Resource Management is a function which impacts the rest of the organization.