With the HR process involved in too much of data handling, tasks performing and transaction processing, it becomes complicated for businesses to achieve efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, tedious tasks of preparing the payroll every month-end and tax-compliance process at the end of each financial cycle make HR executives spend sleepless nights.

But this is more in case of businesses, which is involved in performing paper-based tasks and where much of the HR tasks are still performed manually. The traditional solutions meant to manage the HR process involves huge costs and are also time-consuming, besides adding to the unrelenting load of the HR executives.

With such reasons, the demand for the traditional On-Premises HR automation software has receded sharply. Instead, business leaders are now relying on the advanced SaaS-based HRM (Human Resource Management) automation software, which is affordable, agile and much flexible, when compared to all the traditional solutions.

There is innumerable advanced HRM automation software, which offers cloud-based services but incorporating the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology, the demand for automation software such as VCA has spurred.

What is VCA HRM Automation Software and what makes it unique?

Value Creation Automation (VCA) is an end-to-end business management solution for HR Process

A brainchild of the experts at Cordis Technology, Value Creation Automation (VCA), is an end-to-end business management solution. It is designed to automate entire business processes, including HR functions.

Following is the diverse features of VCA HR automation software, which makes it unique and gives it an edge over innumerable HR management solutions available in the market.

  • Based on SaaS Delivery Model

The intelligent VCA HR automation software incorporates disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation and even Cloud-Computing but what makes it unique is the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology.

The SaaS delivery model is widely recognized for its cost-saving abilities. It makes the system agile, reliable and flexible. Following is some of the most important benefits that SaaS has to offer.

  • Saves businesses from investing in the setting up of the IT infrastructure — no hardware, software, license fees or servers required.
  • Subscription to the VCA business automation software application is based on the Pay-Per-Use basis. Companies just have to pay for the number of users deployed to work.
  • Ensures every single task pertaining to the HR process is completed in time and that too with minimum variations.
  • No more paper-based work. The entire HR process is digitized. Data related to every individual employee is saved in the cloud.
  • SaaS also enables businesses in evolving with the continuously evolving technologies. It supports the upgrade and update of the software application at regular intervals, which allows the HR professionals to enhance their skills with the innovating technologies.

With all these factors together, the SaaS technology significantly makes VCA an affordable HR automation software, which saves both time and costs to a great extent.

  • Gives Access to Transaction Details in the Real-Time

VCA is designed with a visual dashboard, which is based on the SaaS technology. The visual dashboard enables the Managers and executives in having instant access to the data of every individual employee anywhere and anytime. Designed to also support various electronic devices, VCA’s visual dashboard can be viewed even on smartphones to check the real-time data status.

  • Boosts Transparency within the Process

VCA is designed with a visual dashboard, which is based on the SaaS technology for HRM

Employees quire often has multiple queries related to their job profile, performance appraisals, leaves and many other such things. And, to knock the door of HR professionals for every such query is not only time-consuming but it also impediments the performance of employees.

With the automation of the entire HR process, VCA creates a transparent platform, where entire informing is remains available on fingertips of the employees. Be it checking the job profile, start ratings, discussing appraisals, leave balances and getting information on bonuses and other employee benefits — employees do not have to approach the HR team in person.

Employees can have an instant access to every single information related to the job on fingertips. They can check details for all the information anytime and anywhere, even using their smartphones.

  • Enhances the Productivity of the HR Team

Helping in tax-compilation and preparing the payroll every month-end is not the only tasks of HR professionals. In fact, they are involved in innumerable tasks that are performed on the day-to-day basis. And, with the automation of the end-to-end HR process, VCA supports unmaking the entire workflow smooth and fast.

Diverse tasks such as managing leaves, attendance, updating directory, tracking various applications and many more are automated and most importantly integrated into one place. It creates an enhanced visibility within the entire process and hence makes it fast and efficient.

When the tasks related to the HR process are automated, it saves much of the employees time. This allows them to show more of their creativity and also adds to their satisfaction level. This helps in reducing the employee turnover rate, especially in SMEs, and also encourage the human workforce to put their best effort while performing diverse tasks to achieve the common organizational goals.

  • Ensures Complete Security of Data

Most of the businesses no more use excel sheets or Google spreadsheets to maintain the data related to customers. Entire data is saved in the cloud within multiple security layers and therefore, businesses no more have to bother about the data loss due to the hard-disk crash or any other such unforeseen incident.

Most importantly, with the entire data saved in the cloud, it allows Managers and executives in instantly accessing the data and processing transactions from anywhere and anytime.

VCA Makes the Complete HR Functioning Smooth & Hassle-Free

VCA Makes the Complete HR Functioning Smooth & Hassle-Free

An intelligent HR automation software such as VCA, which is based on the SaaS-based delivery model, is gaining traction, especially among the Small & Medium Enterprises. It enhances the HR process, helps in saving operational costs and supports in a robust performance with the human workforce. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that an intelligent HR automation software supports in setting a smooth workflow and hence in improving productivity & enhancing profitability by a great margin.