Adapting to the transformation in technology becomes important for the business organizations because technology increases their chance of survival. Empowered by the latest technological advances, companies can beat the competition and create a better position in the market.

In its journey of managing the business processes, with the help of technology, companies have traveled a long way. From mechanization to digitization to ERPs, BPMs, CRMs and more, companies have undergone many such phases.

And now, it is the age of business automation solutions, which has forced companies worldwide to adapt to this new face of technology. This “digital revolution is changing both the nature of innovation and the rising pressure for firms to innovate continuously,” suggests The Global Information Technology Report 2016, prepared by the World Economic Forum.

We all will agree to the fact that a change in technology is always improvised when compared to the previous ones. In other words, technology remains young only until something better hits the market. But Value Creation Automation (VCA), one of the most advanced business automation solutions, is here to stay with the businesses in the long run.

most advanced business automation solutions VCA

VCA not only has the potential to trigger growth instantly but it also results in sustaining the growth rate achieved by the business firms. This is something, which could have never been expected from the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business solutions.

Having incorporated Value Creation Automation, companies can get end-to-end business solutions, which makes managing businesses convenient and hassle-free. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs) facilitated just a part of the processes but VCA is designed to help companies in automating their complete business processes. Manual intervention reduces sharply and decision-making becomes convenient for the business leaders.

Understanding ERP and VCA

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP solution is all about integrating a set of applications that help in managing certain back office tasks and processes, besides helping in the integration of data.

Whereas, Value Creation Automation offers complete business solutions, instead of being a set of applications such as the ERPs. VCA can help companies in automating their complete business processes and therefore, guides through all the activities involved in managing the business.

As ERP business solutions were not flexible to use, were costly and because its implementation was difficult too, it was of little benefit to the business organizations.

On the contrary, Value Creation Automation (VCA) is neither complex nor lengthy and it is also cost-effective when compared to other business automation solutions available in the market.

According to Investopedia, ERPs are not successful in eliminating the business inefficiencies. It further adds, “ERP systems usually fail to achieve the objectives.”

Coming to a conclusion, the main difference between ERP and VCA is of integration and automation. ERP integrates departments and connects them to a central server to collect information, whereas, VCA automates various departments and makes the workflow seamless.

How Can VCA Help in Efficient Business Management?

VCA Help in Efficient Business Management

Running a business involves multiple activities. Right from ideation to delivery of finished goods and services, there are innumerable activities and processes involved. If the resources are not known, processes remain undefined, inventory is not maintained and if there is no visibility within the company, managing businesses becomes difficult.

Value Creation Automation (VCA) is a one-stop automation solution to the companies, which puts every separate business activity in a defined sequence.

Let’s discuss what makes VCA help business leaders in managing their business activities efficiently.

Can Narrow the Gap in Processes

Departments, when collaborate together, achieving the organizational goal, becomes easy. Value Creation Automation (VCA) makes various departments work in harmony. It automates and integrates various departments like HR, accounts and finance, inventory and supply chain, sales and marketing and more.

This enhances transparency within the business organizations and also leads to a free flow of information. Even more, VCA enables organizations to communicate in real time. Facilitating various advanced communication mediums like emails, chats, messages etc., VCA helps the managers in solving the queries of their subordinates instantly and in real time.

Helps Businesses in Maximizing Productivity and Profitability

Certain factors that are important for the perfect functioning of businesses includes uniformity in the assignment of tasks, reduction in the error rate, optimum utilization of company resources and of course appropriate decision-making ability of the business leaders. Value Creation Automation (VCA) helps companies in achieving all these different factors.

This advanced business automation solution streamlines the business processes. Having reduced the human dependency, automation solutions save much on the operational cost of the company as well. In a news report published in Economic Times, the Head of Industrialization and Automation, Cap Gemini, Christopher Stancombe says, “We are seeing an increase in demand and automation is helping our people in being more productive.”

Similarly, VCA is one of the world’s best automation solution that helps businesses in earning a healthy return-on-investment, by enabling businesses in generating higher demand and maximizing productivity.

Effective Marketing with Automation

Effective Marketing with Automation

Combining the power of humans and virtual technologies, VCA makes business marketing effective. The Automated marketing makes efficient use of the social media, where it gives a global reach to the companies and help them in gaining a wider market share.

Besides, automated emails enable businesses in sending customized messages to targeted customers in one go. Be it sales, discounts, campaigns or any such thing, the automated channel sends all the information to the customers right on time. Even more, this also helps companies in demographically identifying the area, which is generating more business for them.

Makes Business Supervision Convenient

Value Creation Automation comes along with a visual control kit, which can make business supervision hassle-free. VCA’s visual dashboard carefully records every single transaction and offers utmost security to the company data. The best about the single controller screen of VCA is that it helps you monitor the task’s progress in the real time.

Thus, VCA helps companies prevent resource wastage and also in reducing operational costs. All the stakeholders can keep themselves updated with the latest transaction within the organization. The owners can check the budget allocated against every task, the managers can check the time stipulated against them and on the other hand, rest of the company workforce can easily know the task assigned to them. They can even raise problems if any, and get them solved instantly.

VCA Changed the Way Businesses Function

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions were limited to facilitating the integration of data and the free flow of information. Business activities like helping in managing businesses, enhancing customer engagement, strengthening the business-customer relationship, overseeing inventory and supply chain and much more were not ERPs cup of tea. It became only possible with business automation solutions like Value Creation Automation.

VCA is carefully engineered to give an intuitive control to business leaders, where they can predict and analyze risks. This can help them in taking effective decisions, which can lead their businesses to an inclusive and sustained growth.