Advanced automation technology is making its way and is gradually reaching to businesses of all size. Technologies have evolved at a breakneck speed and increasing forms of competition have forced businesses to adopt advanced solutions such as Value Creation Automation or VCA and bid adieu to ERP or CRM application systems.

With old-day solutions such as ERP and CRM leading to cost-overrun, business leaders are continuously looking for a solution which can reduce increasing operational costs. In the prevailing market condition, where diverse customer demands have grown exponentially, ERP, BPM or CRM solutions no more able to eliminate process inefficiencies.

Traditional style of business functioning demands a separate solution for every new process, which is incremental to business running costs. But VCA is one-stop for entire business solutions. It supports in successfully identifying problem areas within processes and eliminates them to achieve maximum efficiency.

Incorporating proven business models make VCA unique and robust. It enhances employees proficiency and enables businesses in exploring fresh opportunities for business growth. Unlike ERPs and CRMs, VCA business solution saves operational costs in every possible way.

Following are three of the many factors that make VCA a cost-efficient business solution.

  1. Visual Control Kit
  2. Six-Sigma & Lean Production
  3. Software-as-a-Service Business Model

Curbing Costs Through Controlling Business Activities

Curbing Costs Through Controlling Business Activities

Running business operations and managing entire functionalities consists of innumerable activities. With traditional approaches, it is almost impossible to put entire business components at one place. But with advanced automation, diverse factions of businesses can be organized as well as integrated.

Solutions such as Value Creation Automation (VCA) consists of visual control kit, which enables Directors, Managers and other personnel in controlling complete business operations, as per their role. From procuring of raw materials, stock replenishment, checking inventory to tagging tasks to employees and raising queries to Managers – VCA enables in performing entire business activities through one single screen.

VCA’s visual dashboard furnishes real-time details of activities, whenever required. It keeps data and information readily available on fingertips of business leaders. This helps them in getting better business insights, which supports in effective implementation of strategies and plans.

Through the visual dashboard, resources can be well scrutinized. Directors and Managers can check that none of the company resources are lying idle, non-value adding tasks are successfully eliminated and all other performance bottlenecks are removed. In short, VCA enables in deploying measures that result in optimum resource utilization.

Visual dashboard plays an imperative role in increasing transparency and accountability within organizations. It allows Directors, Managers and other company employees to communicate within real-time. Voice calls, emails, SMS, chats, Fax and other advanced communication mediums converge at one single screen. This further supports in resolving both internal and external business queries. Therefore, VCA saves Directors and Managers from manual monitoring of tasks and resources. Thus, it helps significantly in saving costs incurred on running business operations.

Reducing Costs by Enhancing Process Efficiency

Reducing Costs by Enhancing Process Efficiency

Making processes efficient, is another big challenge that concerns business organizations of all size. Among other factors, inefficient processes also play a key role in increasing business costs. Manual errors, defects and error in processes, variations in products and services and many other similar factors creates hindrances in business processes. It leads to waste of time, money and resources.

VCA comes as a solution to all such problems. Using the power of advanced automation technology, VCA enables businesses in reducing human intervention. It not only saves employees from tasks involving high risks but also supports businesses in performing various activities with complete accuracy and efficiency.

Designed with proven business models, VCA makes processes robust Thus, it supports companies in performing seamlessly. Based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, advanced VCA solution enables Owners and Directors to control business operations even from a remote location. A widely recognized business model, SaaS prevents from installing software and maintaining too much of hardware. It supports functions of VCA’s visual control kit and is also known for its cost-cutting abilities. SaaS makes VCA unique and one of the world’s leading business solution.

Processes are further made efficient by Six-Sigma and Lean production approaches, which has a larger role to play in VCA. With these advanced approaches it becomes uncomplicated for businesses to eliminate defects within processes, variations in production can be kept at a minimum level and tasks can be completed within allocated time. Lean production approach, on other hand, ensures optimum resource utilization, with zero wastes in processes. Therefore, these various factors empower VCA with cost-saving measures that can be of great use to businesses.

Why are solutions such as VCA a preferred choice of businesses over ERPs or CRMs?

solutions such as VCA a preferred choice of businesses over ERPs or CRMs

Its completeness as a business solution makes VCA unique. ERP, CRM, BPM or any other old solutions have a rigid structure and they are not designed to support modern business requirements. Incorporating innumerable features of many of such old-day application systems, VCA is designed to converge advanced technological business model with the human intelligence. And therefore, it supports companies in achieving organizational goals and serving customers better than competitors.

VCA allow uncomplicated customisation, which makes it apt for new process requirements. With its inbuilt development mechanism, VCA allows the business system to update at frequent intervals without disrupting companies ongoing tasks and other relevant activities. This makes VCA unique than other business solutions in trend.

Businesses relied on ERP, CRM or BPM solutions for long and these old day solutions stood tall to their expectations too. But, changing market scenario and unprecedentedly transforming technologies have led to the growth of new forms of challenges. It needs to be dealt with more robust approaches and powerful technologies. Therefore, business leaders worldwide are now forced to call it a day for ERPs, CRMs or BPMs and adopt advanced business solutions such as Value Creation Automation or VCA.

Being an end-to-end solution, VCA automates entire processes and supports business organizations in performing tasks with enhanced accuracy. With advanced automation technology, businesses can remain assured of consistent performance and long-term growth.