“Offering cloud business solutions & incorporating the continuously evolving technologies such as automation & AI, the advanced VCA process automation software can boost the growth of eCommerce companies across the world. Diverse management aspects can be automated and entire functions can be integrated into one platform. VCA allows eCommerce companies to perform tasks & facilitates customers to shop anytime and anywhere, using even smartphones.”

The world has a perfect market which can boost the growth of businesses, especially eCommerce. With the increasing urban population, smartphone penetration, the Internet usage and the active social media users, an eCommerce businesses can get all support required to run the business operations successfully.

However, it is a fact that that the eCommerce companies have yet to explore enormous opportunities and customer’s habit of buying online is yet to evolve.

VCA is one of the best business process management software, which can trigger the growth of eCommerce businesses across the world. This business software can play an imperative role in driving the overall performance of the eCommerce companies..

How can VCA drive eCommerce companies towards a constant growth & success?

How can VCA drive eCommerce companies, in the UAE, towards a constant growth & success

What concerns Owners & Directors the most is lack of data security, inability to deliver products & services within the stipulated time and most importantly, the continuously increasing operational costs and many other such challenges.

VCA business software is designed incorporating disruptive technologies and proven business models. It makes process efficient & accurate as well as helps eCommerce companies in successfully taking-up the modern-day business challenges.

Let’s discuss some of the many business challenges that impediments the growth of eCommerce companies and also how VCA can support in dealing with such challenges efficiently.

1.   Huge Capital Requirements

The continuously increasing operational costs is one of the major concerns of the eCommerce business leaders. On the one hand, where the traditional On-Premises ERP software required long-term contracts and a huge capital investment in setting up the office infrastructure, VCA, on the other hand, needs almost zero capital investments.

With 0%AMC charges, this user-based business software by Cordis Technology, reduces the working capital requirements by a great margin. Moreover, businesses are also not bound to invest in building the IT infrastructure — i.e no need to invest in hardware and software; businesses need not even pay for the license fees. Services for the software application can be subscribed on the Pay-Per-Use basis.

With these features, VCA provides an equal eCommerce platform for even start-ups to perform robustly and grow consistently.

2.   Lack of Data Security

Data security is another important challenge that bothers business leaders. But with VCA, Owners & Directors or even customers for that matter, do not have to fear about losing data or putting it at risk.

Offering cloud business solutions, Value Creation Automation (VCA) ensures complete safety of data. Entire business data is saved in the cloud and within multiple encrypted security layers. With data no more saved on paper and maintained in registers or excel sheets, businesses don’t have to fear for the loss of data anymore.

3.   Variations in Final Products & Services

Consistency in the final products and services is important to gain a sustained support of customers

Consistency in the final products and services is important to gain a sustained support of customers. With the business tasks completed manually and using the traditional business process management software, there are variations in the final products and services.

But having automated the entire processes, VCA keeps a check to minimize variations in the final products and services. Having maintained a consistency in the quality of the final products and services, businesses can gain the trust of customers and encourage them to remain loyal even in the long run.

4.   Timely Delivery Adds to Customer Satisfaction

Besides the quality of products & services, timely delivery is one of the most important factors that adds to the customer satisfaction. Designed with a Pushcord, VCA business software reduces the cycle-time, which enhances productivity as well as supports eCommerce companies in making quick delivery of products & services.

Reports suggest that customers love the same-day delivery option the most or at least, the next-day delivery. The moment an order is placed, VCA Pushcord sends an automated notification to stakeholders at the same time, informing them for the Call-to-Action. Right from receiving the order, quality check, packaging, shipping to the delivery — every stage is automated. Moreover, VCA also makes use of advanced technologies such as GPS tracking and Geo-Tagging to ensure a quick delivery right at the addresses mentioned by customers.

5.   Sustained Loyalty of Customers

Retaining customers for a long-term is another challenge that e-Commerce companies face. Customers are tech-savvy and their preferences tend to change every now and then. In such a situation, it can be really difficult to retain customers.

VCA is designed to deliver value to customers at every different stage. At the same time, it also enables eCommerce companies in understanding the continuously changing preferences and behavior of customers. It supports businesses in developing products and services that are customer-centric.

Deploying advanced technologies to effectively manage the relationship with customers along with the data, VCA enables businesses in providing improved services to customers. It ensures 24 x 7 availability of customers and across platforms. This means, building a robust eCommerce platform, which can allow customers to get their queries resolved at the earliest and also to shop for products and services from anywhere and anytime.

What makes VCA one of the best business process management software for eCommerce companies? 

What makes VCA one of the best business process management software for eCommerce companies in the UAE

The world market is filled with business automation solution vendors. But VCA is uniquely designed, which makes it one of the best process management software for eCommerce companies.

In the last, let’s have a quick look at some of the features of VCA, that makes it unique and gives it an edge over many of the advanced ERP software.

  • Consists of a flexible structure, which allows business leaders to customize the software to integrate new process requirements.
  • Is designed with a visual dashboard, which can be viewed even on smartphones. It is designed to record & report transactions in the real-time and also allows to scrutinize operations even when away from the office premises.
  • Right from HR, supply chain, finance, CRM, sales & marketing – VCA is designed to automate diverse management aspects of an eCommerce business.
  • Integrates entire business functions cross locations and creates a shared database, which enables instant access to data, statements, and reports across departments, at the same time.
  • The Business tasks need not necessarily be performed within the company premises. Offering cloud business solution, VCA gives businesses the flexibility and agility to perform tasks from anywhere and anytime and that too with utmost reliability.
  • Uses intelligent analytics to instantly identify and eliminate the problem areas. This helps eCommerce companies in mitigating risks much in advance.

VCA business software is designed to supports both an eCommerce start-up as well as established businesses. It is designed to enhance the efficiency of entire processes by making it organized, fast and accurate.

With the integration of entire business functions, VCA makes it uncomplicated to manage and control the entire operations even when traveling. Moreover, it also supports in optimum resource utilization, resulting in an enhanced productivity and profitability. It allows businesses to evolve with the rapidly innovating technologies, which enables in gaining competitive advantages even in the long run as well as in growing holistically.