When business applications such as CRMs and ERPs entered the business world years ago, it indeed excited business leaders across the globe. Business functions became seamless after having incorporated such technology applications. Then innovation in technology made business processes efficient to some extent but applications like ERPs & CRMs had their own limitations and they still do.

BPMs, ERPs & CRMs never proved to be a permanent resolution to various business problems. These business applications were the result of the change in technology, but it came with an expiry date.

They do not provide complete data security, is not even precise and accurate and even more, they cannot be customized to adapt to any change in business processes.

Such limitations of ERPs and CRMs made the business leaders realize that these business applications are not compatible enough and they need something that is more robust, effective and efficient.

With the growing competition, it is time for a complete business solution such as Value Creation Automation (VCA) and not for the applications like ERPs and CRMs. The advanced automation solutions enable business in growing exponentially in very less time, effort and resources.

What makes VCA far better than ERPs & CRMs?

VCA far better than ERPs & CRMs

The answer is very simple – and its automation, which is the new face of technology. In the prevalent competitive business environment, it is business automation solutions that the business leaders are resorting to.

In one of the report analysis published by Deloitte, a professional services firm, says, businesses which incorporate and implement automation solutions are “most likely to succeed” in the long term “due to their agility and flexibility to serve their customers better, more productively and at a lower cost.”

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can only be applied to a particular process of the businesses and that too with limitations. But VCA offers a complete technological solution that is designed to help business organizations in developing holistically.

In other words, having incorporated VCA, companies can actually automate their complete business processes and other activities involved in its functioning. VCA is one-stop business automation solution that is one-of-a-kind. Offering an end-to-end solution, Value Creation Automation (VCA) works on Six-Sigma and Lean Management concept. It helps in streamlining the entire business processes that can make the business workflow smooth.

The continuously rising cost of the business operations is becoming a prime concern for the companies worldwide. And due to this, businesses, of all size, have gradually started resorting to the advanced business automation solutions.

Limitations of Applications like ERPs and CRMs

VCA builds a highly responsive platform

Business applications like ERPs and CRMs lack in multiple ways and that makes it incompatible for businesses.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM, as the name suggests is only applicable to the customer management process of a company. Unlike VCA, CRM business applications cannot help business organizations in customer engagement.

More or less, CRM is about maintaining the customer database, whereas VCA helps in knowing your customer. Having automated all the communication channels, VCA builds a highly responsive platform for the customers, which leads to instant resolution of queries as well. Customers are sent automated messages through emails, SMS and other advanced modes of communication.

On the other hand, ERPs are limited to the integration of departments and flow of communication. But VCA automates the departments activates, integrates and also automates the internal communication system of the businesses.

Business owners and managers do not find these applications compatible because they cannot use them in a customized way. Moreover, applications like ERPs, BPMs, and CRMs needs additional human effort to perform their defined functions.

Why is VCA worth exploring?

VCA is much different than business applications like ERPs and CRMs. It has much to offer. Be it the various departments, inventory and supply chain, customer management, marketing, or be it preparing the growth analysis and much more – VCA has been specially designed to automate much of the activities involved in the functioning of businesses.

In short, VCA helps in automating much of the tasks that have been long performed by the humans. But with the power of automation, VCA minimize the human intervention and hence saves big on the company’s cost of running the business.

The result is reduced rate of error and automation of all the tasks that are repetitive in nature. Even more, VCA guides the company workforce and work with them as a digital colleague to achieve the common organizational goal.

What gives VCA an edge over ERPs and CRMs is a visual dashboard that enables the owners and managers to have the complete control over the functioning of businesses. From ideation-to-delivery, VCA guides through every single process of the firm.

The single controller screen of VCA makes both the external and internal business system transparent and responsive. It helps the workforce in working for the defined company goal; creates a standardization of work; allocates resources, time and money too. In case, a task is not allocated within the stipulated time or in the case of any other bottlenecks, VCA raises the alarm and informs the concerned level and the problem is resolved quickly.

Another important factor that makes VCA superior is the ability to track work progress and monitor data in the real-time. Activities are automated; every single business transaction is recorded in the system. This significantly reduces the pressure while auditing or making financial reports.

This is a data-driven market and VCA ensures complete business data security. Even more, keeping the data in place and empowering the business leaders with the capability to predict and analyze the risks, VCA also helps them in making effective business decisions.

Hence, Value Creation Automation (VCA) integrates the complete business system and helps in establishing a seamless workflow.

VCA is the new Success Mantra

VCA ensures complete business data security

Business automation solutions like Value Creation automation is the result of the transformation in technology. In the midst of growing demand and widening global market access of the businesses, VCA can help companies in fulfilling to the customer’s demand right on time.

VCA has been designed to maximize the productivity level of business organizations and help them in increasing the return-on-investment (ROI). Helping in delivering complete customer satisfaction, VCA can also help business organizations in creating a value that in turn can convert them to be a brand, which the customers can rely upon.

Unlike ERPs and CRMs, VCA is not meant to be changed after every few years. It keeps business systems updated with all the possible updates in technology, which helps in getting a sustained competitive advantage.