The continuously evolving technologies keep the market volatile and as a result, businesses are busy looking for solutions, which can win customer’s confidence and gain competitive advantages. In the prevailing market condition, when empowered by smartphones, the Internet, and various social media platforms, customers have turned more and more temperamental, it becomes imperative for companies to understand the perpetually changing behavior of customers.

And, this is where companies have been depending on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. From being just a marketing database years back, today the advanced cloud-based CRM software is designed to perform multiple functions, which are helping businesses in driving performance and growth.

According to CRM Software Procurement Research Report released by spending – a global procurement intelligence advisory firm.

increase in cloud-based CRM applications is its cost-effective solutions with easy deployment

Businesses No More Have to Invest in a Separate CRM Software

Businesses No More Have to Invest in a Separate CRM Software, VCA CRM

With advanced ERP software such as Value Creation Automation (VCA), companies no more have to invest in separate process management software. VCA is an end-to-end business solution, which automated diverse management aspects such as HR, finance, supply chain, sales, marketing and all others.

But, besides this, VCA also consists of an inbuilt CRM, which is designed to support businesses in maximizing benefits from customer relationship. VCA CRM also helps companies in better understanding the constantly changing behavior of end-users.

Therefore, Owners, Directors, and Managers can formulate effective strategies to woo customers and lead businesses towards growth and success even in the long run through VCA CRM.

VCA CRM is a product of Cordis Technology. It is designed to integrate automated sales and marketing, which together support businesses in delivering value to customers.

Before discussing the features and benefits of VCA’s inbuilt CRM, let’s understand – What is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software?

Understanding CRM Software

VCA’s inbuilt CRM software designed to help in recording, managing and analysing data

It is important for businesses to effectively manage the customer relationship as it helps in constant revenue generation and drives long-term growth of companies. Customer care departments, sales point, and diverse marketing approaches are among the first things that build an impression into the customer’s mind. And, this factor impacts the buying decision of the end-user.

VCA’s inbuilt Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is designed to help in recording, managing and analyzing customer interactions and other relevant data. From offering an instant solution, retaining customers and gaining their loyalty to driving growth in sales – VCA CRM is designed to support in establishing a healthy business-customer relationship, which can result in a sustained growth even in the long run.

Benefits of Implementing VCA CRM Software

Having automated sales and marketing processes, VCA ERP software integrates them with its inbuilt CRM

The advanced VCA CRM software does much more than just maintaining the marketing database. It is more about building a long-term relationship with customers. It is more than delivering products and services, rather the VCA CRM software integrates technologies, strategies, systems and best industry practices to deliver value to customers, which can encourage them to remain loyal throughout.

Following is some of the main benefits that businesses can reap after having implemented the inbuilt CRM software of VCA.

  • User-Based VCA CRM Results in an Enhanced ROI

Unlike traditional CRM software, VCA CRM is a user-based solution. In other words, businesses just have to pay for the number of users they have. This helps in reducing operational costs by a great margin and also adds to a healthy Return-on-Investment (ROI).

With improved performance, productivity in sales, reduced consultation time, optimum marketing budget utilization and reduced labor costs – VCA CRM software helps companies in getting a sound ROI. According to an article published by, “The ROI on CRM is approximately $5 to every $1 invested.”

  • VCA CRM Supports in Customer Retention

With the constantly rising competition, gaining customer retention and loyalty is getting tough every day. Today, customers are tech-savvy and well informed. They better know about diverse options available to them. In this situation, VCA CRM deploys a robust approach to deliver complete customer satisfaction, and thus it results in enhanced retention rate.

Having automated sales and marketing processes, VCA ERP software integrates them with its inbuilt CRM. Sending automated emails, using SMS marketing as a tool to connect customers and optimizing the content to connect with customers available on various social media networks — are some of the modern ways to reach to customers. And VCA CRM helps businesses in optimum utilization of all such tools. Reports suggest that businesses can enhance customer retention rate by approximately 27%, by implementing an advanced cloud-based CRM software.

  • VCA CRM is a Cloud-Based Solution

A cloud-based CRM software, VCA is designed to record and report every single business transaction in the real-time. Entire data pertaining to customers is saved in the cloud and the sales team, marketing executives and other employees taking care of customers, can have instant access to entire data anywhere and anytime, even though their mobile phones.

Therefore, as a Mobile CRM Software, cloud-based VCA business software boosts decision-making ability of sales and marketing executives and allows the customer care team to provide an instant solution to all sorts of queries raised by customers.

  • Integrated Communication Channel

inbuilt CRM Value Creation Automation (VCA) ERP software keeps chats, emails, SMS and other communication channels

Another important factor of VCA CRM software that helping in better serving customers is the integrated communication. The inbuilt CRM Value Creation Automation (VCA) ERP software keeps chats, emails, SMS, Telephone, fax and other various advanced communications channels, integrated into one platform.

This supports enhanced transparency and also encourages two-way communication that can have a positive impact on the overall business performance. VCA CRM software is designed to successfully record entire communication made through diverse channels at one place It allows in making quick reference and thus, help in providing an instant solution to customers and other stakeholders. Integrating the advanced communication channels, this inbuilt CRM software of VCA plays a key role in successfully eliminating performance bottlenecks.

  • Based on SaaS Delivery Model, VCA CRM Saves Costs

Unlike On-Premises CRM software, VCA CRM is a subscription-based software, which allows even small businesses to develop a healthy business-customer relationship. VCA’s CRM software saves companies from spending on various business infrastructure such as hardware, software, servers and also a dedicated IT team. The CRM software vendors take care of all such costs.

Therefore, with advanced VCA CRM software, small businesses can streamline customer relationship management process. Even they can manage data and the record of entire customer retraction, to serve them better and ensure overall productivity in sales.

  • VCA CRM Analytics Offer Better Customer Insights

Having successfully recorded entire data pertaining to customers, VCA CRM helps in better understanding customer’s buying behavior; factors that impact their decisions; areas that are generating more businesses and so on.

The inbuilt CRM of Value Creation Automation (VCA) provides the better analytical ability to business leaders, which boosts their decision-making. Advanced CRM software such as Value Creation Automation (VCA) also enables Owners, Directors, and Managers in understanding – How often a problem occurs and what are the types of problems faced by customers? With this, business leaders can reduce the rate at which problems occur and deliver an enhanced satisfaction to customers.

Another important factor is VCA CRM supports in predictive analysis. It means, with improved analytical ability, businesses leaders can mitigate risks and maximize performance to drive sales and the business revenue generation.

VCA CRM Software Can Help Business in Building Credibility 

This is a data-driven business world. And, cloud-based CRM software such as VCA supports businesses in saving, managing and processing a large amount of data without any fear of loss. Integrating automated sales and marketing, VCA CRM helps in achieving maximum results from a healthy brand positioning. Making the first impression the best one, VCA CRM helps companies in building a strong credibility among customers, which encourage them to be loyal even in the long run.

VCA CRM is based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, which makes it cost-efficient and also adds to the flexibility, reliability, and agility of businesses. VCA CRM makes companies fit to perform in this technology-driven world, where almost over 50% of the world’s total population are active Internet users. The advanced CRM software is optimized to gain maximum benefit from customers, who are tech-savvy and use diverse social media platforms to follow their favorite brands, post product related queries and check the ongoing trends.

Enabled by SaaS VCA CRM provides even small businesses, an equal opportunity to reap the benefits of technology while managing and maximizing business-customer relationship. With an effective customer support team along with automated sales and marketing, VCA CRM ensures complete transparency, which can turn prospective visitors into customers. Thus, it helps businesses in performing with a robust approach, securing constant growth and success.