Running a small business is no easy feat, especially if you are competing against giant organizations. Small business owners often don’t have enough resources to tackle problem-areas or fund business growth. However, with the rise in automation technology, even small business entrepreneurs are showing interest in automation solutions these days.

Many small business owners mistakenly believe that automation requires an enormous investment. So far this myth has been proven wrong. A number of small business owners have automated a few processes, if not all, and are currently reaping benefits that range from increased sales to better productivity.

Value Creation Automation (VCA) is recently developed business automation solution. Cordis Technology, the creators of VCA are building an edge with their advanced automation solution which moves beyond the traditional models of ERPs and CRMs. VCA has been designed to enable companies to perform better and create a “value” component at all process levels. Business owners can effectively manage, view and control all aspects of their company through integrated automation tools.

Unlike ERPs, Value Creation Automation is not data-oriented but rather functions through artificial intelligence in combination with Six Sigma, Lean Thinking and Systems Approach philosophies. The solution can be customized to fit any business set up, large or small.


Take a look at the numerous ways in which small businesses can benefit from Value Creation Automation:

Faster Growth

Value Creation Automation can support growth by eliminating unnecessary processes and tasks which only add to wastage and costs. This not only reduces time wasted on such tasks, but enables business owners to utilize the saved time and costs on strategic growth planning.

Improved Efficiency


Having a limited staff is one of the reasons why small businesses suffer from inefficiency. People working in the company are often overburdened with work and are unable to function at maximum capacity. With Value Creation Automation, certain tasks will no longer require manual handling, reducing the overall work load on the staff. VCA is designed to balance work activities and ensure smooth flow of information.

Lower Costs

Automation helps reduce costs and expenses of a business. No more time or money is wasted on redundant and unnecessary tasks. VCA can enable businesses to lower operational costs up to 35%, depending on the current resource utilization.

Increased Sales

Small business owners can improve sales with the implementation of Value Creation Automation. VCA can analyze markets and enable companies to forecast demand and sales for their products. On the other hand, inquiry processes are automated which means business owners can respond to customer inquiries faster and more efficiently.

Improved Customer Service

By automating processes such as customer support and order fulfillment, business owners can reach out to more customers to and establish a larger customer-base. We all know that bad customer service is a major reason why businesses lose customers. Automation can enable staff members to effectively respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner.

Competitive Advantage

Automation can help small businesses compete with larger organizations in the industry. In other words, automation provides businesses with more capabilities and opportunities to grow and flourish.

Regular Evaluation

Evaluating your business performance regularly can help you predict and plan accordingly. There are many reliable automation tools which can give small business owners the power to consistently gauge performance of operations and success.


Business Process Automation holds the key to productivity optimization. With fluctuating market demands and increased competition, businesses should implement automation tools and strengthen their position in the market.

If you are a small business owner in search of automation tools that fit your budget as well your business goals, Value Creation Automation can be the perfect solution for you. VCA can help you take your business to the next level. For a free consultation, call on 04-5195999 or visit Value Creation Automation.