The debate over increasing use of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) by businesses all over the world, does not seem to be muting. Sinking birth rate and labor shortage constitute to be reasons in some countries and in some, it is a quest to find advanced solutions that can match to new process requirements. Whatever the reason may be, businesses are forced to do away with traditional methods of performing diverse activities and adopt advanced automation solutions.

Competition is in no mood to recede and traditional methods of running business operations are unable to support in satisfactory performance. Moreover, having a rigid structure, even ERP, CRM or BPM solutions are no more adaptable to new age process requirements. This force businesses to start longing towards disruptive technologies such as Value Creation Automation or VCA, which is designed to automate entire business processes and support in seamless workflow.

Value Creation Automation (VCA) converges human intelligence and technologically proven business models. Together, these factors make processes efficient and support business in catering to customer needs better than competitors. And this is what is required to satisfy technology-enabled customers, whose preferences change continuously.

It is ‘value’ that modern customer demands, besides quality of products and services being delivered to them. Old-day business solutions such as ERP and CRM do play a key role in making parts of processes efficient, but they lack holistic solution approach. Moreover, updating them time and again, make businesses pay a heavy price – in terms of money, infrastructure and time.

And, rising operational price has turned to become a major concern for business leaders worldwide. They are not in a mood to invest any further in ERP, BPM or CRM business solutions. Therefore, they have gradually started to explore potentials of advanced automation solutions such as VCA that support in cost-cutting, besides helping in increasing process efficiency.

From Ideation to Delivery – VCA Gives Complete Control

From Ideation to Delivery - VCA Gives Complete Control

Complete business operation at fingertips. Yes, it is very much possible with VCA. There are two different factors that make it possible.

  1. VCA’s Visual Dashboard
  2. Advanced Business Methodologies

Advanced Value Creation Automation (VCA) is designed with a 3-tier visual dashboard that facilitates Directors, Managers and other company personnel. At their designated levels, Directors, Managers and other employees can have an instant access to data in real-time. Furthermore, with VCAs visual dashboard communication channels are simplified. It facilitates both horizontal and vertical communication across diverse mediums such as emails, voice calls, telephone calls, chats, SMS, fax etc. on one single platform.

Advanced automation technology enables Directors and Managers in handling and managing entire business operation from a remote location. They do not have to manually track and monitor tasks progress. Visual control kit of VCA is designed to record and display details of entire business activities. It further helps in effective mobilization of company resources, towards achieving set goals.

Visual dashboard integrates departments and enables them to work in harmony. It supports free-flow of information and communication, which supports in instant elimination of process bottlenecks. Improving transparency and accountability, VCA’s visual display enhances visibility within the organization and hence it becomes uncomplicated to control business processes.

Another factor that supports in gaining enhanced business control is advanced business methodologies that together makes VCA one of the world’s leading business solution.

Based, on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, VCA delivers a modern approach to business solution. It keeps companies free from complexities of installing various software and maintaining hardware. With SaaS business model, VCA promises complete data security and an efficient business performance. Unlike ERPs, BPMs, CRMs or any other old-day business applications, VCA can be uniquely customized according to new process requirements. Thanks to SaaS delivery model that allows regular system update through VCA’s internal development mechanism.

Incorporating Top-Down methodology, VCA is designed to guide business right from the generation of business idea to delivering end-product and services to customers. Advanced automation enables Directors and Managers to easily identify and successfully eliminate various problem areas, which can lead to flawless achievement of organizational goals. On other hand, Bottom-Up methodologies incorporate proven business approaches that support organizations in optimum resource utilization. Businesses can reduce defects and errors in processes. Moreover, it also helps in complete eliminates of wastes. Therefore, such proven features VCA not only helps in cost-reduction but also supports Directors and Managers in having complete business control.

Deploying advanced statistical methods to analyze costs incurred and profit realized, VCA gives a robust approach to secure consistency in business performance. Besides, businesses can evaluate market conditions and better understand changing customer behavior. It majorly helps in formulation and implementation of strategies, which can be equally effective for both businesses and customers.

Business Solution Built with a Holistic Approach

Business Solution Built With a Holistic Approach

With advanced automation technologies such as Value Creation Automation or VCA, it is time when the human workforce should learn to team-up with programmed machines. Advanced automation, empowers machine and the business system to perform parallel to humans. In fact, in some cases machines programmed to perform automated functions, outperforms the human workforce.

VCA business solution not only reduce dependency on humans but it also saves them from performing tasks involving high-risk. This saves time and encourages them to put their best efforts while performing diverse business tasks.

Automating various business functionalities, VCA shares employee workload. HR functions such as On-boarding of employees, describing job profile, sharing bonuses, policies, benefits; Financial and Accounting activities such as auditing, taxation, receiving and making payments, generating invoices; and many more are all automated. This further means enhanced accuracy in business tasks being undertaken.

Advanced automation is the euphoria business world is celebrating. Directors & Managers get an intuitive control on business operations, resources undergo optimum utilization, productivity grows manifold, sound return-on-investment (ROI) is secured and businesses gain value – technological solutions such as VCA support companies in evolving holistically.