Technologies are resulting in an unprecedented change in the way businesses functions. The conventional BPM software solutions are unable to match the speed and accuracy of the modern-day business workflow management software such as VCA.

The Value Creation Automation (VCA) business software provides equal growth opportunities to SMEs as well as Large Enterprises. In the prevailing volatile market condition, where technologies & trends along with the customer’s behavior tend to change perpetually, it is VCA that can support companies in gaining the competitive advantages.

Business Problems & the VCA BPM Software Solution

Business Problems and the VCA BPM Software Solution for Businesses

The time-lag in carrying out the diverse business tasks, the lack in communication, the inefficient management of funds & other business resources and the inability to integrate people, processes & functions — there are many such problems that impediments the growth of businesses. But, incorporating the power of modern technologies such as automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the VCA business workflow software is designed to enhance the efficiency of the diverse processes.

Let’s discuss some of the main problems companies face while performing the diverse business operations and how can VCA prove to be one of the best solutions to such problems.

  • Constantly Rising Operational Costs Bother Business Leaders

The continuously rising costs, at the same time, is one of the major concerns among business leaders across the world. But the good news is that the VCA workflow management software has been designed to reduce the overall operational costs of companies. Unlike the conventional BPM software solutions, companies do not have to invest money in setting up a huge IT infrastructure.

The business firms can perform the entire business functioning and manage tasks, with the help of smartphones and tablets. Unlike the traditional On-Premises ERP software, business resorting to VCA do not have to pay the license fees, build an in-house server or install the hardware & software. Therefore, the VCA workflow management software significantly reduces the working capital requirements of companies.

  • Time-Lag in Processes Impediments Business Workflow

an end-to-end BPM software solution, which automates the entire processes

When tasks are completed manually or using the conventional BPM software solution, it lacks speed, efficiency and accuracy. And as a result, businesses are unable to create tasks within the allocated time and resources.

The VCA business software is designed to support in successfully dealing with this problem. It is an end-to-end BPM software solution, which automates the entire processes. The rote tasks are automated and businesses can remain assured that tasks are completed in one go.

With the automation of processes, VCA significantly supports companies in a smooth workflow. It enables business leaders in analyzing costs and the time required to complete a task, much in advance. On the other hand, the business models such as Six-Sigma and Lean Management further support in keeping the error-rate to the minimum level. Even more, companies can instantly identify and eliminate the tasks that are adding no value. All these factors result in the complete elimination of the time-lag within the processes, resulting in an enhanced productivity.

  • Lack of Business Integration Creates a Mess

Businesses involve innumerable tasks, activities, processes and people and all these elements are spread all over. It creates lack of visibility and therefore, make it complicated for Owners, Directors and Managers to control the entire operation.

VCA is designed with a visual dashboard, which makes this business software unique. The visual dashboard, which can be viewed using even smartphones, integrates people, processes and functions into one platform. Owners, Directors and Managers cannot only check every single transaction details in the real-time, but can also have the entire business performance at their fingertips. The integrated business platform supports in the creation of a shared database, which enables in accessing real-time data and information across departments and across locations. It enhances visibility and hence allows business leaders in better scrutinizing and controlling the entire operation even when away from the office premises.

  • Rigid Business Structure

Businesses using the conventional BPM software solution are not able to evolve with the time. For instance, the traditional On-Premises ERP software consists of a rigid structure, which does not support businesses in adapting to the new process requirements.

The VCA workflow management software, on the contrary, consists of a flexible structure, which can always be customized according to the new process requirements. This business software application supports automated update and upgrades at regular intervals. Therefore, it also supports the employees in enhancing their skills with the continuously innovating technologies.

Designed to evolve with the continuously innovating technologies and changing trends, the VCA business software enables companies in achieving stability even when the market is volatile and the customer’s behavior tends to change every now and then.

  • Communication Gaps Creates Performance Bottlenecks

Communication Gaps Creates Performance Bottlenecks

A smooth communication flow is also paramount for the successful functioning of businesses. Developed by Cordis Technology, the VCA workflow management software supports both horizontal and vertical communication model. It means, employees can directly approach to senior authorities in case they are not satisfied with the resolution provided by their superiors against their queries and vice-versa.

Besides, it integrates advanced communication channels such as voice calls, emails, chats, SMS, telephone and many other into one single platform. This sets a smooth communication flow and plays a key role in finding the problem areas in the real-time and in its successful elimination.

VCA Supports Companies in Developing Holistically

There are innumerable aspects of running a business and the VCA workflow management software is designed to support companies in growing at all fronts. Be it customers, suppliers, tax authorities, suppliers or be it attracting investors and creditors, VCA supports companies in gaining the confidence of all the stakeholders. These various factors together play an imperative role in leading businesses towards a sustained growth and development.

Right from reducing the error-rate to the unrelenting workload of the human workforce; From completing tasks within the allocated time & budget to making effective business decisions; From analyzing the overall business performance & the problem areas to mitigating the risks in advance — the VCA business software supports companies in performing many such tasks, resulting in a holistic development.