Whenever there is a change in the business technology, it becomes a matter of excitement for the business leaders, who want to keep their business system updated and earn a reliable return-on-investment (ROI). Value Creation Automation or VCA is the result of one such transformation in technology that can trigger the instant growth of businesses by increasing the production level and the profit margin.

VCA can help companies in gaining wider market share and a competitive advantage through the power of automation. A report by McKinsey Global Institute informs that “automation could raise productivity growth globally by 0.8 % to to 1.4 % annually.” In the prevalent market scenario, it won’t be wrong to say that automation solution like VCA is what businesses need the most and not the ERPs, BPMs, and CRMs, which are not only incompatible but also works with innumerable limitations.

Creating an automated business platform, VCA enables companies in streamlining their business processes, which in turn leads to a seamless business workflow. And hence, Value Creation Automation or VCA can help business in producing more in less time and within the allocated budget.

Potentials of VCA are meant to take business leaders by surprise and are worth exploring. This business automation solution helps in efficient functioning of businesses, giving an intuitive operational control. With the continuously increasing competition, changing market scenario and transforming customer behavior, business applications such as ERP are not enough to eliminate inefficiencies in a business. Going beyond the limited power of these applications, VCA offers an end-to-end business solution to companies of all different sizes and across the globe.

What Makes VCA Leave Applications like ERPs Far Behind?

VCA Leave Applications like ERPs Far Behind

Business applications like ERPs lived its period of intense value and attention but now its importance is fading at a super-fast speed. Business leaders are no more in favor of applications such as ERPs, CRMs or BPMs.

Apart from the issues like these being incompatible with other processes, ERPs applicability to only a particular business activity does not allow it to become the favorite of the business leaders.

In simple words, ERP is an application but VCA is a complete business solution.

What Makes VCA One of the Leading Automation Solutions?

VCA automate entire business processes and streamlines every business activity – right from ideation to the delivery of finished products and services to the end users. Business applications like ERPs help in the management of any one process to some extent but VCA acts as a digital co-worker and leads to the automation of every aspect of management.

Even more, VCA’s ability to respond, take decisions and act in a particular situation, exactly as a trained employee, makes it different from other various business automation solutions. It incorporates the automation technology that guides the human workforce rather than being guided by them.

In fact, VCA minimizes the human intervention to a great extent, which is turn reduce the possibilities of gaps and errors in the processes. Tasks that are repetitive can be automated and therefore, the and money spent on the everyday repetitive tasks can be saved.

Adding more, business automation solutions such as Value Creation Automation or VCA also keeps the employees protected by automating tasks that involve high degree of risks.

VCA offers complete satisfaction to businesses both externally and internally. VCA creates uniformity in work and leads companies to optimum resource utilization by eliminating non-value adding activities. Moreover, it also integrates departments and leads to a free flow of information and communication. The company workforce can communicate through emails, chats, and SMS at one platform I.e. through VCA.

One of the best business automation solution – VCA, makes the communication channel transparent. It further makes the business platform highly responsive, which not only aids to the seamless workflow of the businesses but also plays an essential role in delivering complete satisfaction to the customers.

What is Unique About VCA?

VCA One of the Leading Automation Solutions

VCA works on a lean management and six-sigma approach. There are two factors that make VCA comparatively unique.
• Holistic Evolvement Approach
• Inbuilt Development Mechanism
• Visual Dashboard
VCA to help companies in evolving holistically. Value Creation Automation or VCA leaves no aspect of businesses untouched. Right from procuring of raw materials to managing the production process and then further to the delivery of goods and services – VCA guides companies through complete business processes.

On the other hand, it also automates processes like HR, finance, customer relation, inventory and supply chain etc. Therefore, VCA helps in complete data security, which helps in auditing and preparing business reports. With this, VCA also strengthens the decision-making ability of the owners and managers.

Another factor that makes VCA unique is its ability to evolve, analyze and keep the business system updated with the latest developments in technology. It means that VCA can keep business leaders free from looking for new business technologies at every few year.

The third factor that gives VCA an edge over the other various business automation solutions is its visual display that enables businesses in controlling complete company operations. The single-controller screen of VCA enhance the visibility of the processes and with it enables the directors, managers, and rest of the company workforce in checking all the data in real-time. Even more, it also allows them to check other elements like task’s progress, cost and time allocated to complete a task etc. in the real time.

With its visual display, VCA records every single transaction with complete detail and thus make every activity visible. Therefore, it becomes easy for the directors and managers to have a complete control on the functioning of their business.

Automation is the New Choice of Businesses

VCA One of the Leading Automation Solutions

With the changing technology trends, both the business and the market environment is transforming drastically. Automation is being seen as the future of businesses that can lead companies towards an inclusive and sustained growth.

Business automation solutions like VCA is designed to automate much of the business tasks that have long been performed by the humans. According to the McKinsey Global Institute Report 2017, “The Automation of activities can enable businesses to improve performance by reducing error and improving quality and speed, and in some cases achieving outcomes that go beyond human capabilities.”

VCA does lead companies to increased productivity and profitability but other than this, Value Creation Automation also helps them in delivering all the necessary element that defines complete satisfaction for the customers. VCA can add value to businesses, increase customer loyalty and improve customer retention level as well.

VCA is the new success mantra for businesses across the globe. Offering an end-to-end solution with a holistic development approach, Value Creation Automation or VCA leaves business applications like ERPs far behind. In fact, with the development of business automation solutions such as VCA, applications like ERPs, CRMs or BPMs are declining at a fast pace.