With growing e-commerce companies and other businesses coming online and going global, the demand to have a managed logistics have suddenly increased in last few years. This has witnessed a growth in logistics companies and so the competition has also increased tremendously. When operated on a large scale, managing logistics involves high level of calculations, which is beyond the capacity of a human mind. And, that is when the advanced technology of automation takes-over from the humans.

Value Creation Automation (VCA) is one such automation solution that is meant to make a logistics business perfect, precise and accurate. VCA’s automated system increases the efficiency of business that keeps the customers satisfied with an incredible service and accurate information-flow. Besides, when the logistics is automated, it ensures transparency, consistency and efficiency in business functioning. It keeps all the stakeholders updated with the workflow and makes no mistakes.

Visual Dashboard Helps in Real-Time Tracking Cordis.us

With automated business process, companies can play a key role in establishing communication with the customers even in the areas with a bad network. This can result in getting wider market access, which can lead logistic business towards unfolding further dimensions to growth.

Facilitates Operational Control

Having automated the system, VCA offers an enhanced operations control. Products can be assigned a barcode that can help them in getting identified easily. Stock movements through cranes, storage of containers and its retrieval, stock management and order fulfillment and more can all be automated through Value Creation automation. This it saves more time for the workforce, so that they can use their energy and potential in order areas to make logistics perfect.

Maximized Packaging & Cost Saving

Packaging different products for various orders manually can waste much of the organization’s time. Moreover, consistency and efficiency in packaging also cannot be guaranteed. But when automated with VCA, businesses can remain assured of maximizing the packaging benefits. This can maximize the cost saving for big companies which deals in e-Commerce, FMCG and more.

Visual Dashboard Helps in Real-Time Tracking

Value Creation Automation brings along a visual dashboard which displays updated information about the entire logistics operation. The single controller screen of VCA informs managers as well as customers about every order’s detail. Whether the order is delivered or not, about on-going orders, orders cancelled and more – VCA’s visual tool kit keeps complete transparency in the process.

Real-Time Query Resolution

Queries if left pending impacts not only the business but also the credibility. Automating their logistics with Value Creation Automation, companies can resolve the customer’s queries in the real time. Customers can raise their queries with regard to the orders placed by them or about returning their product. With the help of VCA’s visual dashboard, managers or the concerned team can instantly see the queries, if it is not resolved.

Last Minute Decision-Making

With advanced automated system, the entire logistics process moves with a defined workflow. In case, an order cannot be delivered by the stipulated time, due to an issue, say, with transportation, VCA informs the customers accordingly. Informed customers are the happy customers. Moreover, if the issue with the transportation cannot be resolved quickly, the automated system will quickly make decisions and notify for another vehicle. Such real-time decision-making processes can get automated and then, there is no room left for mistakes. This also positively impacts on the company’s operational cost.

Geo-Coding Helps in Rectifying Errors

Geo-Coding is another important factor that makes automation important for logistics businesses. It not only updates the metadata of the geographical location of the customers but also allows businesses to add maps and photos of the location. Other than this, Geo-Coding plays a key role in rectifying any mistakes in the address of the customers. As far as the business aspects are concerned, Geo-Coding informs companies about the location that is generating larger amount of businesses for them.

Helps in Managing Supply Chain & Inventory

When VCA automates logistics, it also directly enhances supply chain and inventory management. With one click of a button, all the stakeholders are notified about the stock and its movement. Whether the product is available in stock, customer’s order is processed or not; all such updates are automated. Therefore, VCA keeps the inventory well managed and also ensures that the stock never goes empty as it can lead to a missed order.

Logistics Have Endless Opportunities to Develop

Although, logistics cost in the developed economies shares 5% of their GDP, this industry has innumerable development scopes. With the increasing competition, this fact cannot be denied that the logistics industry is in great need of automation technology. Just think, if simply an App can allow the logistic companies track the delivery boy’s route and record the proof of delivery, and then imagine how easy the process can be with adopting advanced automation technology like Value Creation Automation. With super fast and accurate operational activities, defined business functions, streamlined process and smooth business workflow, automation can really lead you through the competition.