Not every accounting software will work for your business and not every software is worth your investment. The truth about choosing an accounting software isn’t as simple as black or white, there are many grey areas which lead to utter confusion. But what we do know is that a few accounting software programs give you the best value for your money. One particular solution we will shed light on today is VCA, Value Creation Automation.

VCA Accounting and Finance is all about using AI technology to literally drive entire accounting processes in a business, with little to none manual help. Imagine having a program which uses automation technology to update your accounts, oversee transactions and make sure invoices are sent out on time, perform computations to generate reports, cerate payrolls and so much more. All you have to do is “click” on what you need to get done!

The unique software program was developed by Cordis Technology, a fast-growing automation firm. With new fiscal policies in the region’s agenda, the demand for accounting and finance solutions is growing among businesses, giving rise to tech companies such as Cordis.

Now going back to the topic, VCA Accounting Software. This is an integrated software which can influence your entire business through complete streamlining of financial operations. Here are 7 things you need to know about VCA Accounting and Finance:

It is VAT Compliant

VCA Accounting is VAT Compliant

With VAT tax just around the corner, businesses are busy preparing for this big change. VAT would mean changes in accounting processes and restructuring of financial operations in businesses. You may find plenty of VAT software programs, but why get one when you can have it as a part of your complete accounting system? VCA comes with in-built VAT configuration which means your accounting books, day-to-day transactions and other financial operations are all VAT-verified so you don’t have to apply or compute tax separately. VCA takes care of tax implementation automatically.

It is Integrated

Your accounts payables, receivables, customer transactions and all other accounting processes are interconnected via VCA. Any invoice received, bill paid, or any form of transaction occurring is immediately updated in relevant books without manual effort. It may seem impossible, but this why VCA stands out from the rest. VCA has the ability to identify, calculate, and manage all transactions through a single platform. So instead of you having to hire a huge accounts staff to manage transactions and manually input them into a software, you can leave the job to VCA.

It Supports Banking

Most businesses have to manage transactions occurring with their banks separately. It may not be able to integrate bank accounts with your business’s internal financial system. But VCA lets you integrate all your affiliated banks which whom you transact regularly. So, any check received or paid, any debit or credit, any form of financial activity taking place between your business and the bank is managed by VCA. You can receive entire banking updates on your system and merge them with your accounts.

It is Fast and Accurate

Accounting Software VCA is Fast and Accurate

VCA Accounting and Finance uses state-of-the-art technology to compute, and not just compute, but compute at a great speed and with complete accuracy. Highly technical accounting computations and rules are embedded in the system to perform complex financial tasks within seconds.

It is transparent

Transparency is recommended when you are dealing with business finances. It is often hard to trace cash flow through a manual system. No business has the time or manpower to manually conduct researches, trace documents and re-check accounts for imbalances. But with VCA, all processes become transparent, every calculation is recorded, entire movement of financial data is archived for future references. For instance, if you are trying to search for a particular transaction which occurred on a past date, all you need to do is enter the date and the system will find exactly what you need.

It is transaction based

A single transaction occurring between a business and an external client or customer is the minutest level of financial activity one can dig into. However, as simple as it may seem, it is extremely impossible to manage individual transactions and keep track of such activity, especially if there are thousands of transactions occurring on a daily basis. VCA is designed to give you control over entire transactions through a unified approach. In other words, each transaction is stored as a relationship and carries entire details of your customer, transaction’s purpose and even communication occurring in the transaction context.

It has greater Usability

VCA accounting and finance is one solution which can’t be beaten

VCA accounting and finance is one solution which can’t be beaten when it comes to features and usability. Of course, you don’t want a solution which is difficult to navigate and hard for your staff to use. The simple-to-use functions make accounting extremely simple and financial processes even simpler. No matter how many staff members you have, the system can be used by everyone. Keep in mind, many other accounting software programs out in the market require staff training.

So, with some of the main features of VCA explained as above, you can go out and do your own market research and see if any other competitor is offering the same. But let’s not forget one of the main factors that you as well as many other businesses consider before investing in such endeavors, money! This is where VCA really takes a lead, by being one of the affordable. High capital requirements? Expensive servers? Hardware? The answer is no to all of these. Since the software is cloud-based, you don’t need to invest in a hardware server. The platform is accessible via cloud through a simple browser login. Such simplicity makes it remotely accessible, enabling you to use it whenever and wherever.

Now with that out of the way, your mind may be wondering what kind of fee you will be paying. VCA can be bought on the basis of user-logins. All you have to do is pay for your user logins and that’s pretty much it. You don’t have to worry about any additional payment, any security or any such expense. The monthly user-fee is also comparatively less. So, what are you waiting for, why don’t you give VCA a try and see if this affordable solution works for you? You can seek a free consultation with the designers of VCA and find out more, here.