Surviving as a company in today’s hyper competitive business world requires strategic planning and efficient resource utilization. The tough environment is forcing many businesses to implement cost-cutting plans which not necessarily have the intended impact. The truth is, businesses must learn to become more efficient and shed away costs that are a result of resource wastage. This is one reason why many businesses are turning towards automation solutions.


Business automation has turned out to be a popular alternative for carrying out multiple business functions and tackling problem-areas without manual-input. Many large and small companies have implemented technology-based automation solutions to help with operations and management functions.

If you run a business or plan to set one up soon, business automation may be a worthwhile consideration.

Here are 5 business problems that can be solved with business process automation:

1. Too Many Costly Human Errors


The higher the human error rate, the more will be the costs for rectification.First of all, it is important to understand that humans are more likely to make mistakes, become tired, and display poor judgement at times. On the other hand, machines never get tired and are programmed to work with no room for error. There are many processes you could consider automating in your business.  Automating certain human-oriented processes will increase productivity, speed, and efficiency which will result in lower costs.

2. Dispersed Processes And Lack Of Integration


Processes in an organization usually lack integration and are dispersed over multiple departments. It becomes difficult to manage all processes and ensure they are meeting desired objectives. Automation can help streamline and integrate all business processes and components. For example, every time a delivery is made to customers, the program for inventory will automatically update and send notifications for re-ordering. With automation, the amount of human hours spent on manual tasks decreases.

3. Manual Filing and Reporting

On any given day in a company, high volumes of data and information is transferred from one department to another in the form of files and documents. The communication channel is often lengthy and tedious. And don’t forget, in many cases the reports generated manually are prone to error and miscalculations. Have you ever wondered how long it takes to rectify such errors and make sure they reach the concerned personnel in time?

Automation tools give businesses the ability to automate filing, reporting and documenting tasks. Business process automation programs can manage documents, compile, store and generate all kinds of reports with a simple click of a button. Some automation solutions such as Value Creation Automation (VCA) come with in-built Document Management Systems that will help you save thousands of human hours spent on manual compilation.

4. Ineffective Customer Service


To keep your business going, you must keep your customers happy. Customers will often judge your company by the customer support services they receive. How many times have you received complaints from customers? In most cases, customer service teams are busy processing documents, filing, and handling paperwork which results in ineffective delivery of services to customers.

With an automated system, you can reduce the workload of your customer support team, allowing them to perform better. Some automation tools also provide automated email and call options for customer inquiries. So in case you forget to inform a customer to pick up a delivery, the system will send out a reminder for you.

5. Fast Company growth


Your company is growing fast, and so is the level of complexity and number of tasks. Managing a fast-growing business can be really difficult if you do not have readily available resources. In such a scenario, you should consider automating time-consuming tasks. This will let you focus on more important things in the business without having to worry about incomplete tasks or documentation problems.


If you are suffering from any of the above mentioned problems, partner with technology and drop all your worries. Business automation is all about increasing efficiency and enabling your company to do “more” with “less”. You can get more information at Value Creation Automation (VCA).