Businesses have always relied on ERP software, to improve process efficiency. When compared to the traditional On-Premises ERP software, advanced automation solutions such as Value Creation Automation (VCA) is designed to reduce operational costs and make processes fast, accurate and efficient.

Following is some of the benefits of VCA business process management solution, which is beating many of the world’s leading ERP software.

1.  Supports in Ensuring Compliance

advanced automation solutions Value Creation Automation (VCA) is to reduce operational costs and make processes fast, accurate and efficient

To run a successful business, it is important to abide by the continuously changing government policies. In short, businesses should ensure complete compliance with government, regulations and other protocols.

Having implemented an advanced process management software, businesses can follow norms and perform smoothly according to the regulations set by the authorities from time to time.

2.  Supports in Continuously Evolving

The market condition and technologies keep on changing perpetually. And, these factors impact businesses to a great extent. In such a situation, On-Premises ERP software are not helpful for businesses, because they are not designed to meet new process requirements and consists of a rigid structure.

On the contrary, an advanced ERP software is designed consisting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, which allow automated update and upgrade of the system, with an up-to-date version of the applications and the software. Business leaders can manage and customize applications and the software to perform according to new process requirements. This helps Owners, Directors, and employees introduced to the evolving technologies.

3.  Organize Data and Streamline Processes

Right from the ideation of the business idea, identification and elimination of problem ideas to the delivery of products & services, VCA process management software automate every single business process.

Everything is recorded and reported in the real-time. Tasks adding no value to the business is instantly identified and eliminated. Moreover, with business models such as Six-Sigma and Lean Management, modern-day ERP software helps in instantly identifying resources lying idle and also in directing them towards achieving organizational goals. From data, reports to tasks and actives, everything gets organized and visible, which allows in better controlling business operations.

4.  Make Businesses Flexible & Agile

This is the age of smartphones, the social media, and the Internet, which drive customers and their behavior. And, it is the advanced ERP software, which supports companies in catering to the present-day tech-savvy customers.

Incorporating the SaaS and the Cloud-Computing technologies, an advanced ERP software adds to flexibility and the agility to perform diverse business operations. With entire data saved in the cloud, ERP software allows companies in performing business tasks from anywhere and anytime, even through electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It helps in remaining connected to customers round the clock and encourages two-way interaction, resulting in building a credibility, which can enhance loyalty and retention for a long-term.

5.  Reduced Capital Requirement

Advanced ERP software based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Cloud-Computing technologies significantly support in reducing overall operational costs. This helps even small businesses in reaping benefits of evolving technologies and in gaining competitive advantages.

SaaS-based ERP software save companies from investing in hardware, software, license fees, servers and the setting of other various IT infrastructure. ERP software vendors take care of all such costs, including the system upgrades and updates at frequent intervals.

6.  Enhanced Customer Support

Designed with an inbuilt CRM, VCA enables companies in harnessing maximum benefits from the customer-business relationship

Designed with an inbuilt CRM, VCA enables companies in harnessing maximum benefits from the customer-business relationship. Unlike the traditional CRM software, it is not only designed to maintain the customer database. It rather helps businesses in understanding the continuously changing behavior and making plans and strategies accordingly.

The inbuilt CRM keeps a proper record of communications made between businesses and stakeholders, all collaborated at one place. This helps companies in instantly referring to any problem and its history, which further supports to resolving queries of the stakeholders quickly. Moreover, it also encourages two-way communication and helps customers and businesses in interacting across a diverse media platform, anytime and from anywhere. This raises the satisfaction level of customers and encourages them to remain loyal even in the long-run.

7.  Healthy Lead Generation and Improved CRO

Incorporating the advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (Ai), automation, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and the cloud-computing, advanced ERP software reduces human intervention and make companies responsive.

This automation software by Cordis Technology, is designed to automate entire business processes, including sales and marketing. Therefore, businesses can better connect with customers through automated emails, SMS and even through diverse social media websites. They can send automated messages and posts to customers through diverse media platforms to inform them about sales, discounts and other various offers. Advanced ERP software also supports in successfully launching campaigns and analyzing the performance. This helps companies in generating healthy leads and also in enhancing the conversion rate optimization (CRO).

8.  Integrating Entire Business Performance

When people, process, departments and all other diverse business functions are brought on a single platform through a visual dashboard, it gives better visibility. And, therefore, it becomes uncomplicated for business leaders to control entire business operations, even when on the go.

Advanced ERP software is designed to integrate entire business, which results in the creation of a shared database, which collaborates information across departments. Owners, Directors, Managers and other employees can have instant access to data & reports at the same time. Moreover, it also integrates various communication channels such as VOIP, SMS, emails, fax, telephone and many more to simplify and fasten the communication process. Supporting both vertical and horizontal communication, the visual dashboard plays an essential role in eliminating performance bottlenecks.

9.  Enhance Efficiency in Business Reporting & Forecasting

Unlike traditional business management solutions, the SaaS-based ERP software is designed to help in efficient reporting. Moreover, incorporating advanced algorithms and better analytical tools, advanced business management software supports companies in making future business plans.

The modern-day BPM software helps in forecasting the business growth. Risks can be mitigated in advance. Understanding customer behavior, identifying areas that are generating businesses and forecasting other various growth prospects becomes uncomplicated with advanced automation solutions such as VCA.

10.  Helps in Gaining Confidence of Stakeholders

advanced process automation software such as VCA is designed to help businesses in holistic development

When you run a business, stakeholders have a large role to play in backing the success and growth of your company. Be it suppliers, customers, investors, lenders, government authorities or be it employees for that matter — it is important to gain their confidence to achieve a constant and holistic growth.

An advanced ERP software deploys robust approaches, which significantly supports in improving transparency within and outside the business organization. Having integrated people, processes and functions, VCA shows a clear picture of overall business performance. With ready reports and a robust business functioning, businesses can gain the confidence of stakeholders for a long-term. This helps in a consistent performance of businesses even in the long-run.

An advanced process automation software such as VCA is designed to help businesses in holistic development. Suitable to be implemented by both SMEs and Large Enterprises, VCA drives entire business performance. Supports in gaining customer’s support, reducing employee turnover rate, increasing productivity and profitability, optimum resource utilization and also in successfully dealing with other various modern-day business challenges. When compared to innumerable ERP software, this business automation solution developed by Cordis Technology, can significantly help in gaining competitive advantages even in the long-run.