Technological advances have impacted economies & its people positively and have also triggered the growth perspective. Now, be it businesses or be it the consumer behavior, everything has transformed drastically. On one hand, where the consumer’s expectation has grown higher, there, on the other hand, challenges stand tall for the businesses across the globe.

In the prevalent market situation, it can be difficult for businesses to carry on their functions with old-day business solutions like Business Process Management (BPMs) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs). Value Creation Automation (VCA) is among the best and latest technology solutions that can give the competitive advantage to business organizations across the globe.

According to the Accenture Technology Vision 2017 report, published by Accenture, business leaders will benefit from automation not only because of this “breakneck pace of digital change” but also they can also create a digitized business environment, where they can perform competitively.

Converging physical and virtual power in order to achieve the common organizational goals, Value Creation (VCA) is worth exploring for businesses of all sizes. VCA streamlines the complete business processes by offering end-to-end business solutions to the companies. This further guides them in setting up a defined and smooth workflow.

From formulating an idea to the final delivery of products and services, VCA makes every process robust and efficient. Creating an automated workflow, business automation solutions like VCA breaks the traditional boundaries, where technology was confined to operations. In other words, VCA means digitization of complete business functioning.

Enhanced Customer Engagement Platform

VCA Business Automation Solutions

Building a robust customer relationship is one of the major challenges faced by businesses. It becomes important for businesses to win customer’s confidence, which can be accomplished through implementing advanced engagement platforms.

VCA brings along advanced methods of engaging with the customers. It enables businesses in using engagement methods that are contextual and are personalized for targeted individual customers.

Having enabled in automating the marketing process, Value Creation Automation (VCA) sets up one of the best channels to encourage customer engagement. Sending out automated emails and other communications related to promotions, discount offers, campaigns etc. helps business firms in better brand positioning.

Helps in Maximizing Revenue

Tasks that are repetitive and involve high risks are automated. VCA not only helps business organizations in producing more with maximum optimization of resources but also enables them to increase their profit margin to a great extent. But, the big question is, how? And, the answer is customer satisfaction.

VCA creates a highly responsive platform both for internal and external business functioning. Automated channel helps companies in delivering the products and services right on time, with no compromise on quality.

Another research report on customer satisfaction and loyalty published by reveals that “satisfied customers spend more money, refer more customers and patronize businesses longer than unsatisfied customers.” And for the business that can deliver complete customer satisfaction can generate more revenue, the report adds.

Long-Term Automation Solution for Businesses

In such a competitive environment where technological prowess of business solutions like ERPs and BPMs gain and lose value every few years, VCA has been carefully designed to offer business firms with a continuous improvement system.

Value Creation Automation (VCA) keeps the business systems open to incorporate new ideas and technologically updated business models. In short, VCA’s consists of an inbuilt development mechanism, which makes it a long-term automation solution for businesses across the globe.

Encourages Flexibility & Inter-connectivity

Unlike ERPs and BPMs, VCA goes beyond the integration of only data and optimization of business processes. With Value Creation Automation (VCA) the system gets flexible to respond to an urgent situation, which makes the automated platform more responsive. Empowered by the technological solution of automation, the companies can send an instant automated response to the queries generated both from inside and outside. In short, VCA is designed to keep both company workforce and customers satisfied with the functioning of businesses.

On the other hand, VCA also leads to the integration of departments and the communication channels. With its visual dashboard, VCA allows the company owners, managers and rest of the workforce in communicating instantly through emails, messages, chats etc. In other words, automated channels support the free flow of not only data but also information and communication. This helps in making the business workflow robust and efficient. Therefore, VCA helps businesses in creating a harmony within departments, which encourages both managers and the company workforce in putting their best effort in order successfully achieve the company goals.

Results in Gaining Wider Market Share

Automated platform digitizes the complete business system. Streamlined processes and seamless workflow lead to the elimination of resource wastage. This helps companies in maximum production in comparatively less time. Tasks are completed within the stipulated time and budget, which empowers the companies in catering to the high demand of the customers globally.

With a sustained performance and continuous delivery of quality products and services, companies can build a name for themselves in the market. This creates a value for the business and makes them a brand in the long run. And thus, VCA enables the business firms in gaining wider market share.


Empowered by continuous developments in technology, consumers are now well-informed and tech-savvy, which means it won’t be easy to convince them to be a prospective customer. To be in the competition, a business must look out for superior measures to deliver complete satisfaction to the customers, which comprises of factors like quality, cost-efficiency, transparency and timely delivery of products and services.

Therefore, it is time, companies must get rid of the old-day business solution like ERPs and BPMs, which are considered to be succumbing to a greater force called advanced business automation solutions. A report published by BPTrends will inform the readers on the declining state of ERPs and BPMs.

With VCA, productivity and profitability can be increased manifold, but it can also enable the companies in best optimizing the social media for business marketing. This can lead to better brand awareness and can give business firms an easy and instant access to the global customers. VCA has an inbuilt development mechanism that keeps your business system updated with the latest developments in technology. Furthermore, it adds value to the business organizations and enables them in delivering complete satisfaction to the customers, which can further lead to customer retention and enhance the customer loyalty.

Adapting to the transformation in technologies can always be a wise decision for the business organizations worldwide.  History has enough evidence where it proves that technological advances have led people, businesses, and economies towards growth.