Businesses are plagued with ever-increasing costs associated with operations and delivery. The high level of inefficiency has forced many out of the industry. Did you know that inefficiency eats away approximately 20% to 30% of annual profit margins? Imagine the amount of money you could save by ridding your business of such waste. The worst part however, is the inability to detect waste. Yes, it is true that many wastage go unnoticed in organizations. Some business leaders believe that conducting layoffs is the solution to controlling costs. This belief is untrue and can prove detrimental in the long run. Rather, the focus should be on boosting resources capacity utilization and increasing overall competency.

In non-automated processes, the cost of production is usually high. First of all it is important to understand that programmed systems have a zero margin of error whereas humans have the tendency to make mistakes. Mistakes equals cost, time wasted equals cost, in fact pretty much any kind of inefficiency or waste of resource is costing you. Businesses are unable to detect such waste manually.


However, with Value Creation automation (VCA), a unique automation solution designed by Cordis Technology, you can lower operational costs by as much as 35%. The system applies the principles of Continuous Improvement and Lean Management throughout the organization. Each task is continuously monitored for waste, which means any occurring waste is instantly eliminated in “real-time”.

Value Creation Automation = zero defect = zero waste = zero cost

Alongside waste elimination, VCA executes continual improvement processes throughout all chains of production, delivery and management. The frequency of incremental change is monitored, allowing for the restructuring of business functions to meet a new criteria. Many tasks which were previously being handed manually are automated. With a system that does all the main work for you, the margin of error becomes zero. Imagine not having to worry about incorrect invoices, delayed applications, missed targets and closing deadlines. All such risks currently exist in manually operated organizations and are costing heaving.


Maintaining a steady flow of operations with little to zero defect rate is almost impossible manually especially if your business falls in the manufacturing sector.Each production cycle is bound to produce a number of defects which go straight to waste. Through VCA however, businesses can reduce costs dramatically and improve profit margins to a great extent.All processes are optimized and each output is monitored while still in the production phase. The end result isn’t limited to just lower costs. Greater efficiency, more production, better quality and happy customers are some of the benefits that come hand in hand with VCA.

Value Creation Automation has been around the industry for quite some years, and is on the path to making it big. Cordis Technology, the pioneers of VCA have invested expertise from across the globe to create something for businesses which can’t be matched. Give your business the opportunity to expand and shed away costs with Value Creation Automation. You can find out more please visit Value Creation Automation and Cordis Technology.