Time management is paramount for a business to survive and perform consistently. No matter the size of a business, time management can help businesses utilize resources efficiently and lower costs. Keeping this in mind, businesses across the globe are resorting to automated time management solutions.

No More Manual Time Management with VCA

Value Creation Automation (VCA) is one among the top solutions which offer advanced time management features. VCA not only makes the time management automated but it is also designed to offer a holistic approach which adds value to businesses and its processes. It makes time management effective and efficient, what in turn helps businesses in achieving optimum results. The solution aims to increase accountability and ensure timely delivery of products and services.

5 Reasons Why You Need VCA Automated Time Management

VCA brings along innumerable benefits that together add to the performance of businesses. Discussed below are 5 of the many features VCA time management has to offer:

                1.Automated Time-Frame Allocation

VCA allocates a defined time frame for every separate task and process. It offers a visual dashboard, which shows detailed workflow information at every level. When a particular task is assigned, both the workers and the managers know what task must be completed in a certain time frame. Each task is allotted a maximum time limit to prevent delay. In the event of any delay, VCA automatically escalates the issue to the manager or supervisor. This helps in the provision of instant resolution of the problem and efficient completion of the task assigned.

                 2.Deliver in Time

VCA saves the managers from manually tracking tasks and progress levels. VCA’s visual display provides in-depth information of completed and non-completed tasks. They can immediately track problems in real-time and ensure a smooth workflow. Be it completing the work Just-in-Time (JIT) or be it defining the best possible time to complete it – VCA prioritizes the work and sets the time accordingly. Therefore, it ensures the timely delivery of product and services without fail.

                 3.Reduce Time Wastage

VCA results in Reduced Idle Time maximize Human Resource utilization. Since roles are defined, to the work-force knows in advance, the time to complete each task assigned. By making the processes transparent, VCA further gives the workers and the managers a sense of responsibility and also makes them accountable.

Reduce Time Wastage

                  4.Eliminate Non-Value Adding Tasks

When it is about achieving business efficiency, it’s important to identify the tasks which offer no additional value. It helps in maintaining focus on only the Value Adding Tasks and enables businesses to achieve goals in time.  VCA has been designed to automatically identify and eliminate tasks which offer no value in real-time.

                5.Increase productivity

We will all agree to the fact that the work-force time when well utilized, leads to enhanced productivity and sustained performance. VCA automated time management defines the time required in completing every separate task, it further sets the time required to check the work progress at every level and ensures a smooth and flawless workflow. The system also ensures hassle-free work progress and adds to surplus productivity and profitability.

VCA Time management is all about giving businesses the power to utilize time to the maximum. Businesses can pave way for greater success in the market and beat rivals by simply automating time management processes.