Marketing is one of the most important pillars of modern marketing techniques of the businesses around the world. Small or large, whatever is the size, marketing involves time, money and effort and therefore it becomes paramount to incorporate a robust approach for the same.

Understanding Marketing Automation

Companies worldwide are now resorting to automate their marketing process. It can help companies in creating more productive marketing campaigns in less time. The advanced automation tools take the campaigns to multiple platforms in one go. Besides, it also helps companies to maintain consistency in communication, which in turn leads in positioning of the business organization’s name into the people’s mind. After having delivered quality product and services, the end result is that the company becomes a brand in the long run.

Understanding Marketing Automation

Automating the workflow process in the marketing department of a company can be termed as marketing automation. Emails, Voice calls, SMS, Social Media Updates, Chats and other repetitive manual tasks are all automated. It results in elimination of the delays in response. Each marketing communication is automated and programmed and hence it reduces the chance of errors. Further, it also prevents the company’s marketing team from missing out on any of the communication. Be it promoting campaigns offline or be it online, marketing department of the business organizations uses marketing automation for successful designing, planning and execution of campaigns.

What marketing automation can do for businesses?

  • Offers a Centralized Database

Automating their marketing process, companies get benefited a lot. Marketing automation provides a centralized marketing database, which records each transaction with proper information about every individual customer. Analyzing the customer’s record – their behavior, buying habit etc. helps the business firms in sending refined messages to them. This increases the buying prospects of the customers. With all these information at fingertips, companies can easily calculate the Return-on-Investment made on marketing and how has it impacted the company’s revenue. Besides, it also enables organizations in analyzing reports, graphs and statistics in order to optimize their future marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

  • Integrates With Company’s Marketing Strategy

Marketing automation does not mean replacement of on-going marketing plans and strategies. In fact, it integrates the current strategy with the new ones and makes the marketing communication robust. Automating results in prioritizing tasks and streamlining them, in order to make the marketing process efficient and effective. It executes tasks at the right time and leads to a successful marketing.

  • Builds Personalized Relationship

Selling is not the only goal of marketing automation, rather it is meant to nurture the relationship between company and its customers. Having automating the marketing process, a company can address to every individual customers by their name. It gives a personal touch and makes the customers feel special. Communication is automated and personalized, which keeps them connected with the business firms.

  • Retains Present Customers and Adds New Ones

Marketing automation makes the system highly responsive. It sends specifically defined content to the targeted customers. In the event where customers have a query, automated process acknowledges their requests and responds to their queries in the earliest possible time. This builds a credibility within the customers, which in turn increases probability of sale. Timely response and up to date information holds the customers and encourage them to repeat their buying decisions. Therefore, it leads to retaining present customers and adding new ones to the company’s database.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

  • Enables Employees in Being More Creative

Creativity has no boundaries but it needs time. The conventional style of running marketing campaigns keeps employees busy and their creative skills starts receding gradually. On the contrary, using the marketing automation tool, the employees get more time to be creative and use their skills in other key marketing areas.

With automated marketing solution, companies can save time and cost spent on designing and implementing various marketing campaigns manually. When connected through the automated process a particular communication can be posted on various platforms all at once. Consistency is another important achievement that automated marketing brings along. Humans can deviate or can prioritize other works, but with automated tools the system keeps posting on Twitter, Facebook and more, without fail. Most of the advanced automation tools come along with a visual dashboard that enables employees in managing and controlling all their campaigns sitting right at their work-stations.

  • Can Schedule Campaigns in Advance

Automated processes programs the activities and set its time in advance. This means, now employee doesn’t have to be on their toes on the day of launching the campaign. Marketing automation allows business organizations to plan and schedule campaigns much before in advance. This further results in enhanced planning and helps in making key decisions in order to make best out of the campaigns.

Contacting to a lead manually can be time consuming for the employees. Marketing automation simplifies the process and makes it easy to establish an effective relationship with the lead. It records details of the lead right from where it all started and automated process then leads them through registration, confirmation and solution. In other words, newsletters, coupons and more can be directly sent to them before acquiring the lead and sending their details to the sales team. A perfect, arranged and well nurtured lead management can aid to the efficient workflow of businesses.

Automated Marketing Can Elevate the Business Level

Putting it simply, marketing automation is an advanced tool that allows you to pervade the air with your business’ name both online and offline. Having made the marketing campaigns a success for the companies, automated marketing process can result in high conversion rate, which in turn will earn some loyal customers for the firms. It helps in scheduling every marketing campaign in time and thus sets everything right in place. Keeping all these facts in mind, we can say that marketing automation can play a key role in earning profitability and credibility for the organizations.