The prevalent economic conditions for industries across the world demands production of both quality and credibility. Timely delivery of goods & services, consistent performance, streamlined processes, focused planning and more would help industries worldwide in creating value in the market. Performing all these tasks manually may not be possible. It can lead to errors and inaccuracy and thus can affect the business processes and can result in the delayed delivery of the end product. This calls for the need of Industrial Automation.

Industrial Automation with VCA

What is VCA and how it can help industries evolve?

Value Creation Automation (VCA) is the advanced automation solution that is meant to help different size industries in becoming efficient and reliable. Right from concept to designing to execution of the tasks, VCA offers better business controlling ability at every different level. It guides in making strategies and helps in defining processes. VCA leads to complete utilization of company resources and guides investments in proper direction giving an enhanced control over the business functioning. In short, VCA leads to a quick Return-on-Investment (ROI) and that too in the long run.

What industrial automation with VCA can do?

VCA’s automated processes in the industries enhance the capabilities of machines. It regulates and guides them to produce quality product and services and that too within stipulated time and allocated budget. Automation can help industries in producing at mass level with complete accuracy and precision. It also reduces operational cost and time by a great margin. .

The best part is that industrial automation with VCA can save much time for the workforce and other stakeholders. Automated process minimizes human intervention and thus ensures that humans are not involved in the areas with high risks. It results in consistent quality production, reducing possibilities of errors to a great extent.

Be it the Defense Organizations, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverages, Aerospace, Manufacturing Plants, Electronics. Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals or be it Automobiles – VCA can help these industries evolve and transform. According to the Industrial Automation Market Research Report – Forecast 2022, the “Global Industrial Automation Market is expected to grow at USD 149 billion by 2022, at 6% of CAGR between 2016 and 2022.”

Following are some of the benefits of industrial automation that makes organizations efficient.

Process Automation

VCA automates processes that help in a defined workflow. It automates processes and integrates various departments and directs them towards achieving the company goal. It ensures that all the resources are well utilized and tasks are distributed equally among the workforce. Automated processes results in timely delivery of the end product and helps firms in building an image in the market.

Process Automation

Batch Automation

Batch automation is one of the most important benefits of industrial automation. Automating processes with VCA helps organizations in doing multiple tasks in one go. It helps in completing multiple batches with accuracy and without errors. It results in completion of the tasks within the allocated time. It further helps in surplus production and timely delivery of the finished products.

Control System Migration

Industrial automation enhances controlling ability of the business functioning. It is migration from conventional business controlling style to more advanced controlling mechanisms. VCA brings along a visual dashboard which reduces the need to manually monitor the tasks progress. The visual control kit of Value Creation Automation (VCA) records every transaction and keeps every stakeholder informed about cost, time, task and its progress and more.

Manufacturing Executions System

From raw materials to finished products, VCA helps in accurate monitoring of task’s progress. It helps stakeholders in appropriate decision making, which in turn results in enhanced production of the end product. It integrates multiple elements and activities during the production cycle that result in time completion of the manufacturing unit.

Value Creation Automation is helping industrial organizations gain a strong footing in the advancing economy. Since most businesses heavily rely on the industrial sector, companies must work towards improving work processes for maximum productivity.