Progressive industrial sectors all use the same ingredient for manufacturing…automation! If we go back a few decades, the advent of automation technology in manufacturing organizations was in the midst of revolutionizing the old “ways” of business. Many organizations joined in the race for corporate success by implementing automation models, most of which were originated by the Japanese. These new methods of mass production helped boost output to an unimaginable level with little need for human input.


Coming back to today’s modern era, automation has expanded its reach and has taken over diverse industries. Artificial intelligence and the robot mania has definitely made its mark and is considered as a norm nowadays. Manufacturers are looking for something better and smarter which can enable them to gain an edge.Cost-cutting through labor layoffs is not the winning strategy here, rather developing a cost-efficient production line is.

Cordis Technology has joined the pool of automation solution providers and has already begun to raise the bar. Beating all odds, the company has deployed a pioneering solution named “Value Creation Automation”. The versatile solution has been designed to cater to a range of manufacturing industries. Although automation in manufacturing is not a new concept, Cordis Technology is reshaping the old views with a new value-based approach.

Value Creation Automation integrates automated Lean Management throughout all operational and managerial processes. The possibility of resource wastage is entirely removed through consistent monitoring and risk management. Manufacturers can reduce operational costs by as much as 35% through the implementation of VCA. Here are some significant features of the system worth considering:

  • Material Allocation

Value Creation Automation technology has the ability to measure and allocate resources for manufacturing without human input. The system will trigger manufacturing as soon as an inquiry is input via a pull-system. The precise amount of material is acquired by the system to initiate production with zero wastage. Automated notifications are sent to managers whereas material usage is displayed in real-time on screens.

  • Automated Processing

Once a process is triggered by the automation system, all tasks and sub-level activities are monitored against defined cost and quality parameters. Quality checks are not limited to the end output generated. The system is continuously monitoring task levels to ensure all succeeding activities will generate the expected output. Any delay or breakdown is flagged and immediately brought to attention without disrupting the process flow.

  • Automated Cost Allocation

In manufacturing, costs and expenses are usually determined according to production batches or units. With Value Creation Automation, manufactures can learn about the actual costs of production per/unit. VCA constantly engages in automated cost allocation and ensures budgets are being met. Every unit cost is measured in real-time with managers having an accurate view of expenses and financial activities.

  • Value Chain

Many businesses fail to recognize the importance of value chains in production. To explain the concept in simple words, every activity which makes up a single process must entail the occurrence of value-addition at each link. The sum of a defined number of value-adding tasks will result in a value-based final output. With the implementation of Value Creation Automation, all manufacturing processes are analyzed and redesigned to eliminate any non-value adding task. The end result? A lean manufacturing chain comprising of value adding activities.


These are just a few of the features of Value Creation Automation which justify its need in today’s robust manufacturing industry. As times are becoming tougher and competition rising sharply, manufacturers must evolve their processes to stay ahead of the game.

Value Creation Automation can be that one solution to multiple problems faced by manufacturers. If you want to learn more and see if VCA is for you, get a free consultation.