Poor communication can turn out to be a silent killer of organizational growth. Did you know that large companies suffered over $9 billion in losses annually as a result of poor communications? This eye-popping figure reflects how costly ineffective communication can be, having the potential to derail an entire organization.

Frequent Problems Resulting From Poor Organizational Communications:


Loss in Productivity

Poorly communicated information and instructions can negatively affect the productivity levels of an organization. Workers unable to understand the tasks at hand are likely to experience a drop in morale which ultimately takes a toll on productivity.

Increased Mistakes

Some of the causes of errors in task execution are a direct result of miscommunication. If employees are unable to properly communicate work instructions to workers, the probability of mistakes will be high. Don’t forget, mistakes and errors in production can be costly to any organization.

Deteriorating Work Culture

Poor communication channels can develop a climate of distrust. Workers may feel left out, confused and doubtful regarding their role in the organization. Without a happy workforce, success is never a possibility.

Poor Customer Relationship

The effects of poor communication channels can also impact business-consumer relationships. Many companies are unable to keep their customers happy due to slow request processing, frustratingly lengthy application procedures and low quality after

These are just a few of the effects of poorly set up communication channels. It is necessary to understand that communication is the lifeblood of an organization and must be thoroughly implemented. In recent years however, Automation technology has emerged as an influential aspect of business communications. Many automation solution providers are currently enabling businesses to improve communications internally as well as externally.

Cordis Technology is among one the leading automation solution providers who are gaining industry recognition with their state-of-the-art technology. Named “Value Creation Automation (VCA)”, the solution aims to integrate communications with a single robust system designed to enhance value-productivity.

Features of VCA Integrated Communication:


Automated Calls and Messages

All calls received are automatically filtered and categorized to generate instances. For example, if a new customer calls the business, VCA will generate a file/instance which will integrate all information regarding order and processing for that particular customer. The need for manual call handling is entirely eliminated on this front.

Internal Messaging

VCA establishes a strong internal communication network which runs through all organizational departments. Employees, workers, supervisors, managers and executives can communicate information with each other directly through designated user-screens without hassle.

User Tagging

VCA enables employees and managers to tag workers in chat boxes on their screens. This enables the worker to receive a direct notification and respond immediately. All tagged and untagged chat boxes are time-stamped.

Automated Emails

Members of the organization can communicate effectively via emails. The system is designed to generate email reminders for internal and external members.

Search and Filter Options

Any communication taking place among two members of the organization can be tagged. Managers can tag employees regarding a specific instance or process. VCA also enables the possibility of search through queries and tagging.

VCA’s integrated communication system can help organizations remove communication barriers completely. No longer is time wasted on lengthy communication chains from top-to-bottom and vice versa. Every communication taking place internally and externally is recorded for future references which eliminates the risk of miscommunication and errors. Organizational members have a clear picture of their goals and work duties.

Cordis is helping businesses unlock potential by providing an automated solution like no other. If you want to watch your business grow, it is time automate and become efficient. You can get more information at Business Automation Solution and Value Creation Automation.