Quality production, less waste and happier customers are the key ingredients to corporate success. So how do you ensure your company has the right mix of these ingredients? Automation! The rapidly changing market landscape has indeed pushed many businesses to seek innovative measures and become more efficient through automation technology.

But not all automation companies are providing businesses the right set of tools to fit strategic objectives. Some automation solutions lack the capacity to integrate with multiple modules while others may cost a fortune. But Cordis Technology, a new rival in the automation industry has come up with a unique solution called Value Creation Automation (VCA) which promises to enable companies to produce more in less with absolutely zero wastage. How?

Value Creation Automation (VCA) is built around the practical applications of Six Sigma, Lean Management and Systems Thinking Approach, making process execution leaner and effective. But how is it exactly unique?

Take a look at how Value Creation Automation (VCA) can help your company grow fast:

Lower Costs


VCA can help your company bring down operational costs by as much as 35%. Through systemized value mapping, all waste-producing tasks and activities are eliminated. This enables companies to generate more output without experiencing any wastage of resources whatsoever. The solution is designed to allocate costs to all activities and ensure output is delivered within budget.

Quality Output

Keep your customers happy by providing superior quality. Producing quality and beating your competitors is how you can get your company to step up its game in the market. With VCA, all resources are measured against value, quality, cost and time parameters. Instead of measuring the final deliverable, VCA consistently and continuously measures all output generated at task and process level. In other words, no defective product ever reaches the end of the production cycle. Managers can visibly view quality levels on designated real-time displays.

Resource Management

Automated resource management may be a common feature found among automation solutions. However, VCA has taken RM to a whole new level by incorporating this function into the core organizational system. The solution has the ability to ensure each optimum utilization of resources. So forget about time wasted on waiting for tools or materials, forget about idle workers, and acquire maximum control of your company resources through VCA.

Time Management


Time is a resource you mustn’t ignore as it is valuable and most definitely irrecoverable. In many companies a great amount of time is spent on unproductive tasks which ultimately affect profit margins and prevent fast growth. The key to making it big is managing time in the most effective way possible. VCA embeds time management functions which enable managers to view and measure time spent on all activities within the organization. Whether its measuring time spent on a task to package a product or time needed to place an order with vendors. You can regulate and keep track of time through visual displays. Saved time is saved money!

Risk management


Risks are inevitable! A number of control measures are being implemented in companies all over. But are they really effective? Can they detect risks in real-time? The answer is “no”. However, VCA implements Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) to detect, analyze and resolve risks. The process of FMEA is conducted continuously through all levels of organizational processes. Any occurrence of risk is immediately brought to attention and corrective measures can be implemented within time.

Value Creation Automation (VCA) is focused on enabling companies to deliver quality output to customers within a defined time frame and budget. By automating processes in your organization, you can free up plenty of time as well as finance to focus upon strategy building and growth plans.