Over the past few months, there’s been tremendous buzz about business automation and how companies are using this to gain a competitive edge. With rising competition, companies can no longer afford to lose out on any opportunity.

If you want to remain ahead of the game and want to see your business grow, there is no option but to automate. If you don’t automate, you can’t survive… at least not in today’s era.

Choosing the right automation system for your company will require some thought and a little research. After all, it’s a long term investment you want to make, so think smart. SAP, Oracle and Microsoft have been taking the lead in ERP solutions and offer some of the best automation software programs.


But before you go ahead and implement any one of these systems, make a list of what you really want your company to achieve. Because most ERP solutions and BPA management software programs fall short of expectations. Remember, no company is immune to a business automation program failure! The choice you make will be a defining moment for your company.

While automation companies are scrambling to recreate their solutions into something “better”, vendors such as Cordis Technology are taking the opportunity to give companies what they are really looking for. What is that? A fool-proof systematized automation solution with absolutely no drawbacks? Pretty much yes!

Yes, Cordis Technology is making a big bet on the future of powerful business automation solutions. It vows to solve all functional and managerial-related problems faced by companies with its state-of-the-art integrated solution called “Value Creation Automation (VCA)”.VCA is a complete automation solution which is embedded in the core business framework. Instead of having interconnected modules which support a wide array of functions, VCA manages and controls every aspect of the company in an integrated manner.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are 5 reasons why you should consider partnering with Cordis Technology…



Time is without a doubt one of the most valuable asset you have. It is an irrecoverable resource which can be costly if not utilized in the best manner. Now you must be wondering why “time”is a reason to implement VCA. The truth is, many companies are wasting time on unproductive tasks and processes without even realizing it. Can each and every task in an organization be measured against a defined timeline?

With VCA, all activities, whether in hundreds or thousands, are allotted time frames for completion. As a manager, you can effectively control time spent on all activities and make sure every minute of the company’s time is dedicated to a value-adding activity.


ERP and BPA systems are intensely complex and difficult to control. This fact is accepted by many executives who rely on ERP systems to run their business. The level of complexity which comes with such automation solutions is often beyond the expertise of the general workforce, requiring the company allocate a separate IT team for support.

VCA on the other hand does is simplified to the core. Yes, by simple we mean simple to control. There are no fancy or high-tech control maneuvers you must learn. The system is designed to be user-friendly for all lower and upper managerial levels of the firm.

Process Control Savings

The leading purpose of automation solutions is to bring down costs through efficient usage of company resources. But most ERP systems cost a fortune, say 10-20 million for an average sized company. By the time a company is actually able to recover all the cost, the system is no longer up-to-date and will require costly upgradation.

If these figures scare you, then VCA may be the perfect solution for you. Once implemented, you will see a drop in costs at process level. Cordis Technology aims to bring down costs by 5%-35%, depending on how efficient your company already is. Now you must be wondering how exactly VCA cuts costs. The answer is simple…lean production. VCA will eliminate all costly wastages occurring in every process.

Increased Capacity Utilization

To become an efficient company, you need to make sure all resources including time, labor and materials are being utilized at an optimum level. Blindly allocating resources to projects with no source of measurement and control often leads to falling profits. And don’t forget, it is hard to trace all losses!

But companies can now have a greater control on all resources and precisely measure the amount of output generated from a designated pool of resources. VCA cuts away any wasteful activity and boosts productivity to an optimum level.

Single Screen

Being able to see occurrences and problems will enhance your control. Forget about the complex user interfaces which come with traditional ERP systems. VCA offers a single user display screen for all employees, managers and executives. The format of display remains common, making it easier for everyone to understand and comprehend.

So instead of you having to navigate your way through complicated programs, VCA will let you view process information on your screen, in real-time!

These are just a few of the reasons why VCA is becoming the next great thing to happen in the automation sector. Our aim is to enlighten you and broaden your horizon of knowledge about business automation. You can get free consultation from IT experts at Value Creation Automation.