The Healthcare sector is among the few large industries which is embracing technology to improve efficiency. In the race for corporate survival, healthcare institutions are left with no other choice but to automate. The healthcare industry is all about providing the public with necessary health services and improving welfare. Pressures such as ageing population, increased disease epidemics and changing health lifestyles of people are burdening this sector, driving them to seek measures for boosting efficiency.


Automation is not only about bringing in big profits, but rather the concept revolves around improving processes and service delivery. Automation companies have a gone a long way in helping businesses make use of technology to reshape processes for better production. Efficiency is the need of today’s tough corporate environment no matter what the industry. Healthcare institutions everywhere are automating a few, if not all processes, to improve service delivery greatly.

Value Creation Automation is a well-known technological solution designed to fit all kinds of business structures including healthcare. Here are a few benefits of implementing Value Creation Automation solution in healthcare processes:

    1. Improved Quality Of Services

With Value Creation Automation, rote tasks in healthcare processes can be automated and will require no human supervision. Humans are often a victim of fatigue and can become tired, which leads to a greater chance of error. However, Value Creation Automation system does not get tired, can function continuously with no breaks and will never display poor/biased judgement.

A recent hospital study revealed that automation in areas of order entry, medical records and decision-support reduced the number of complications, cost and hospital deaths. Value Creation Automation will reduce the possibility of errors and will ensure consistency of quality in all processes.

    2. Reduced Labor Costs

Value Creation Automation is designed to replace labor-intensive tasks which help bring down costs. Healthcare institutions can save on expensive mistakes occurring in human-intensive tasks. But this does not necessarily mean hospitals will start laying-off workers and replace them with machines. Instead, workers can be trained and elevated to high-functioning roles which ultimately impacts service quality.


    3. Reduced Waste Occurrence

Waste is occurring at multiple levels of processes in manual-intensive business structures. From wastage of raw material to idle workers, much of the waste is impossible to track. However, with the implementation of Value Creation Automation, all activities are monitored and tracked in real-time. All workers are allocated tasks whereas task progress is visible to managers and supervisors on digital display screens. Any delay or wastage is immediately highlighted by the system in real-time.

    4. Real-Time Data

Information and data can be of great value to doctors and nurses. Often in manual workplaces, data is stored manually in files and documents. Searching and finding information can be troublesome and extremely time-consuming which results in delay. In healthcare institutions, retrieving information quickly could be a possible life saver for a patient. Value Creation Automation replaces all paper-form information into digital files which are stored in relevant databases. Hospital staff members can conveniently retrieve data digitally without any hassle.


    5. Streamlined Communication

Communication plays an important role in healthcare institutions. Any breakdown of communication can prove deadly when it comes to saving a patient’s life. Value Creation Automation integrates a structured communication flow throughout all departments of the institution. Due to strengthened integration and shortened channels, communication becomes more effective. On the other hand, any communication taking place via designated channels is recorded and stored for future references.

So far the benefits of Value Creation Automation depict a positive picture of how the healthcare sector can grow and improve quality of process delivery. By implementing automation in this sector, the benefits will trickle down to not only hospital members, but also the general public as a whole. You can get more information about this unique automation solution at Cordis Technology LLC.